The Sunday Summary #13


-- Goodbye October, it was nice... --

I finally have a Sunday post worth writing about! It's 1st of November and that's really crazy, I can't believe it. I bet on my addiction to makeup that Starbucks will have their Christmas drinks out today and there'll be twice as many Christmas adverts on the TV. Am I right?

001: Hallooweeeeeeenn:
Yesterday, as you probably know was Halloween. At Lush we got to dress up in the spooky spirit and I opted for Gabby's bat tutorial look. I got the bat headband from H&M at an amazing price - £1 and I slathered my eyes with black eyeshadow. I thought it looked pretty cool, but sadly on the way to work people were commenting and laughing. But then I was laughing at them because I got a free large Pumpkin Spice Latte in Starbucks because I was dressed up. Joke's on you suckers.

002: Life with a Sprinkle of Pumpkins:
Larry (I did name him in the end) had to leave today - we had some fun October times - but here's a picture of him with my current favourite youtuber book. Louise's! I just love how her personality shines through and even though it looks really cute, the writing isn't really as childish as I thought it would be considering the target market. I also have my coffee in my Nashville cup. Oooohhh.

003: PSL:
I had my second to last Pumpkin Spice on the 30th and it was really good. Thanks to my mum for buying it for me! I'm just really excited now for the Christmas drinks so I don't really mind it going but it is one of my favourites. Can you tell I'm the definition of a white girl because I talk so much about Starbucks?

004: The Chocolate Palette:
I'm still in love with this palette a week later. As I said in my October Favourites. And I love the mirror so much because I can kind of take selfies in it. I have upgraded my game! Also the colours are super gorgeous I'm still crying in joy omg.

How was your week my loves?

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  1. Ooh really love that bat look, suits you really well! I actually didn't dress up this Halloween at all x

    1. Thank you! I always do, even when I'm not even going out on the day haha

  2. Well I agree, I like your bat look too. Very dramatic with your hair colour! Just ignore other people and drink your PSL in triumph!! I had a fab Halloween too, although I opted for some gross looking stitch makeup so wasn't quite as glam.
    Laura x FloraLooTwo

    1. thank you lovely! ooh I love gory looks, I bet you looked amazing! <3


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