A Too Faced Dupe


-- Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! --

Remember when I bought this palette and described how amazing it was for an £8 buy from Superdrug? Well, I shamelessly went out and bought the other chocolate palette that is deemed THE ACTUAL DUPE for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette! The colours in this one from the sister brand of Makeup Revolution, I Heart Makeup, are practically the same though the two top colours in the left corner have swapped. 

I've used two colours already and I can tell you that they have the same amount of wonderful creaminess as the white chocolate one. I particularly love One More Piece as it reminds me of a mocha sort of colour and What A Way To Go is a cheeky blend with my current hair colour! 

Having read multiple comparison reviews between the £34 and the £8 palette, you can grab a serious bargain for a fraction of the price. The Makeup Revolution still feels sturdy and quite heavy for what it's actually worth. It just goes to show that you don't have to spend huge amounts of money to get the quality and looks you want to create. Again, I'm in love with the packaging and the shades aren't powdery at all and the pigmentation is pretty spectacular.

I can't wait to get loads of uses out of this beauty!

Would you guys try this Too Faced dupe?

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