The Sunday Summary #14


-- The week of embracing the approach to winter --

How was your week? Mine was great thanks. I'm writing this after a shift at Lush and yesterday was my only day off so far and I have another day off tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be taking my mum to Timberyard in Covent Garden tomorrow for her birthday yay. This week I decided to do things differently and also have more coffees oops...

001: Au Naturaaall:
Even though you can see my skin is the normal kind with even tones and soft complexions (please don't hate on me), I decided to let my skin breathe for a couple of days and wore minimal makeup. I actually enjoyed it and it made a nice and quick change from adding everything on. I'm posting about it tomorrow so you can see what I've been using.

002: Defeated by the burger:
Yesterday me and the family went out to celebrate my mum's birthday at the Beefeater and it was amazing. I had this lovely double bacon and cheese burger and I could not finish it. I was so full up I couldn't go for a dessert. *sad face* I have a full post about my meal coming later in the week.

003: Starbucks:
I wouldn't normally write so much about starbucks but I thought I would tell you that I've drank so many gingerbread lattes in the last two weeks, that the starbucks near my work are starting to know my name now... Is that bad?

004: Christmas lights:
The christmas lights are up and on! Loving the choice that the shopping centre near my work did. Baubles and presents are a win win and they're actually so pretty this year yay.

Short post today, but tell my one good thing that happened to you this week! :)

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx