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-- Kind of just sharing with you want I use --

It's no secret that like everyone else in the world, I'm obsessed with social media. This post has nothing to do with what's been happening recently, just in case you thought that. But really, it's all about letting you in on what I use to get my creative juices flowing. And to interact with my friends and fellow blogging people of course! All the apps I mention are linked on my top bar! :)

001: Instagram: (@franalibi)

This is my most used app ever. Since day one in year 11 - I've now finished year 13 - I've been on there every day. I feel I now have perfected my craft and I'm pretty thankful for VSCOCam and my iPhone camera. I'm currently loving my theme right now, it's kind of dark but also really fitting for this time of year. I've just started integrating my blog posts into it, so if you love themes then give it a follow!

002: Twitter: (@franalibi + letospizza)
I don't normally rant about it but recently I made a twitter for my blog and I've started reusing my old account. I'm a lot more chatty on the latter but if you actually want to keep up to date with my blog posts follow the one with the same name as my blog. The other one does include blog posts, but really I just like to rant and fangirl over bands and tv shows...

003: Tumblr: (@letospizza)

This is how I got to be all cool on my instagram. I'm addicted to it and I can never stop reblogging pictures of hipster girls, food, skies, jared leto or even marina. In fact there's a little bit of everything, you might like it, you might not. But I love it haha.

004: Pinterest: (@franalibi)

It's where I'm more sophisticated and not a moany teenager. I tend to pin fashion, beauty and seasonal photos. I get a lot of inspiration for where I want to go with my blog as well as pinning my own blog photos onto my account. I also love pictures of New York and LA and I have no shame in admitting that. Also there's a lot of food recipes sorry not sorry.

005: Bloglovin': (@franalibi)
An obvious app. But this is where I pin my photos from and where I catch up on my favourite blogger's posts. If you're a blogger, it's standard that you need this on your phone. Just a heads up, you can follow there as well.

What are your favourite social media apps?

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx