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-- Sweets, spices and all things nice --

If you remember way back in October I did a video on what I got at the Lush Oxford Street store for Christmas. Now you'll be seeing this post I'm writing now at the beginning of November just approaching Christmas Day. (Or whenever I decide to upload this haha) I've decided like my original Oxford Street haul to try all the products and review them for you in this post. I was taking pictures of how they looked in the water, but because it's dark now in the evening's I have to have the bathroom light on. And it's horrible and yellow so the pictures look disgusting, so I hope you get an idea of what they look like from my creative descriptions haha. So here it is, enjoy!

001: Holly Golightly Bubble Bar:
So many bubbles and it smells like Christmas! It's a firm favourite of mine and I love the little holly on the top. It's a green earthy scented paradise and I'm just in love with it. You can't really see the glitter in it sadly but it appears at the bottom of your bath when you're rinsing it out, so can it count as a tinsel like surprise? Haha.

002: Peeping Santa Bubble Bar:
Want something small, cute and fruity? I actually felt guilty about using this little guy up - just like the melting snowman last year... He smells like strawberries (think of the strawberry massage bar) and has cocoa butter in the middle with little chocolate buttons aww. On the first round, I only used half of his hat and there were plenty of bubbles. Your water turns the colour of his outfit and it smells so good. If you're not into sickly sweet but still love sweet, then turn to this!

003: Butterbear Bath Bomb:
Probably the least exciting out of the whole range, but because the main ingredient is cocoa butter, it's amazingly moisturising. The all year round version is Butterball. It kind of makes your bath a white sort of Winter Wonderland but not much snowy fun unless you count the little bits of cocoa butter floating around. It's perfect for winter skin and a lovely lotion goes well with it after.

004: Candy Mountain Bubble Bar:
If you love the sweetness of Snow Fairy, then this one's for you! I didn't really enjoy it as much as I would have liked but it does make your bath a pink bubbly paradise so that's a good thing. I've got a little bit left to use and that is going to be used nearer Christmas yay.

005: Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar:
It's a bit like The Magic of Christmas but split into 5 baths with the rings - which I think is the cutest idea ever! *sings* Five gold riiiinnngggsssss. They're quite spicy and make the water go a yellowy/orange which makes me feel all warm and toasty inside. This doesn't have cinnamon in but tonka and vanilla which are paired perfectly, so good on you Lush.

006: So White Bath Bomb:
Omg it's pink inside! I actually love the smell of fresh apples - even though I don't eat them much - and it was so nice to have my bath smelling of it for a change... It made my bath go a sort of neutral pink colour with the white which was really pretty. It's a nice bath bomb that I think everyone overlooks, so give it a try.

007: Cinders Bath Bomb:
Popping candy. Check. Spicy scent. Check. I love this as it makes your bath feel like Christmas. It goes an orange/yellow and the popping candy is a cute little touch! Think of it like a warm crackling fire in your bath. Not literally or that would be dangerous...

008: Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb:
Imagine a lavender scented colour fest of fireworks. That's what this bath bomb is. To me it's an unconventional Christmas product but the holly on top gives it away. It makes your bath a pink paradise and the colours are generally pretty to watch. A new firm favourite this year due to it's calming effect and good instagram shots.

009: The Magic Of Christmas Bubble Bar:
Want something spicy? Then this is for you. Forget the glitter because that's gone in the first bath. The cinnamon oil in this bubble bar is what defines Christmas for me. It's also on a cinnamon stick and has a bell which I think is so cute. This bath is like an orange coloured hug in a warm log cabin with the fire going and the Christmas tree lights on.

And the other products that didn't come with the first haul...

010: Bar Humbug Bubble Bar:
I used this up in one go because I couldn't resist. I usually hate the smell of anything that's licorice but strangely I grew to like the smell of this. Also, it's not too strong in the bath. The water goes a really lovely purple like a purple tinted night sky and there's plenty of bubbles. It's not a typically traditional Christmas product, but it's worth a try if you love sweets and cool purple bubble bars at Christmas...

011: Yog Nog Bath Bomb:
Honestly, forget everything I said about Butterbear. Yog Nog is the one if you need moisturised skin! It contains huge chunks of shea and cocoa butter which melt to give your bath a yellow colour, and the water is then so silky and nice! I swear I spent 15 minutes more than I usually would in a Lush bath because I was so excited and impressed. The smell is amazing as well, I'm so glad the brand created it this year. I think I need to buy three more before the New Year just in case they don't do it again next year...

What are your favourite products from this year's range?

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  1. I think So White will always be one of my favourite Lush bath bombs, the scent is gorgeous, I wish they did it all year round! I really wasn't a fan of it in Shower Cream form though. I seriously need to try the Five Gold Rings and Holly Go Lightly before the end of the season :) x
    Charlotte's Road

    1. I never got to try the shower cream last year but it's safe to say I'm one of those lushies that just loves snow fairy haha

  2. I've put a lot of Lush's Christmas range on my wish list - I really want to try Holly Golightly!

    Lucy |

    1. it's epic and probably one of my favourites haha


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