The Christmas Tag

by - 15.12.15

-- Do you like the shot of my Christmas tree? --

If you haven't been around my blog for long, then it's kind of an annual thing now that I do the Christmas tag. Last year's one can been seen here if you're nosy and feeling extra festive! This year I was actually tagged to do it, so thank you Kyla from Kyla Delilah. So let's get into the tag...

001: What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Probably the build up with putting up the decorations and playing all the music, and being able to buy presents for everyone so I can spoil them haha. On the day it's opening my presents (I mean who doesn't like that?), eating my dad's roast potatoes because they're the best and watching the Doctor Who Christmas special! #WhovianForLife

002: What is your favourite Christmas movie?
I have so many right now. It's generally the Muppet Christmas Carol because I've watched that every year since I was in primary - I just bought the DVD to replace the video cassette I have haha. But I'm also loving The Grinch, Elf and more recently Nativity! with Martin Freeman as I saw that on BBC2 and it just cracked me up I loved it so much.

003: Real tree or fake tree?
In my dreams I would love to have a real tree, but as you can see in the photo, it's a lovely fake tree with fake pine cones. I'm not complaining because this one is better than the previous one we had. But really, when I move into my own place I would love to have a day out getting a tree and being all festive. Much like Zoella's vlogmas day one of this year to be honest.

004: Giving presents or receiving presents?
Giving mainly because I love thinking of my friends and family opening what I've given them. But there's also that part of me that loves receiving because who doesn't?

005: Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?
First thing in the morning, duh, because who can even wait that long. I know for a fact I can't!

006: What tops your tree?
A fairy!

007: As a child, what was the one crazy, wild, extravagant gift you asked for but never recieved?
All I can remember is asking for one of those houses you see in the Argos catalogue where you can 'water' plants and have a kitchen. I'm laughing now that I'm thinking about it. It would never have fitted in my garden.

008: Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
Bought because you can get some amazing and funny ones if you look in the right places. And I think I've found the best ones so far this year from Joy and a cute vintage/kitsch shop near me.

009: What's your favourite Christmas food?
Roast potatoes and the selection chocolates you get at Christmas like Heroes and Celebrations!

010: Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
It used to be going to church then driving around to see Christmas lights but now I just watch Christmas films.

I tag vvnightingale and foreverseptember to do the tag! <3

If you haven't been tagged, please do it if you want and leave the post link in the comments so I can read it! :)

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  1. Such a lovely tag and thankyou for tagging me to do it!

    Lucy |

    1. thank you and you're welcome xx


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