The Best Things About December


-- It's the most wonderful time of the year --

Everyone including me is excited for Christmas and the fact that it's finally December! It's probably my favourite month this year because of a certain concert and going to Winter Wonderland with my best friend who's coming up from Portsmouth. And I'm full on ready to milk it with watching the vlogmasses and playing Christmas music till I get tired of it (though I probably never will...) So here's a run down list of what I enjoy in December, much like my Autumn post a couple of months back...

Christmas cards

Chocolate advent calendars

Christmas compilation albums

Winter Wonderland

Christmas films

Especially Elf and The Grinch

Christmassy themed things

Festive candles

Christmas jumpers

Having more coffees

Putting the fire on and chilling under the blanket

Lush Snow Fairy


What do you guys love about December?

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  1. I'm so excited and happy its December - I really want to visit Winter Wonderland this year!

    Lucy |

    1. Yay and do you have friends to go with you?

  2. I couldn't agree more!!! Christmas is such a great time!!!
    Have an amazing day,


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