How To Survive The Dreaded Illness


-- *sniffles* uggghhhhh --

Don't you hate it when you wake up one morning with a sore throat and the next you have a full on virus to contend with. Especially in the winter months. It always happens to me at this time of year! I'm not even going to pretend that this post is a really glamorous beauty post because it isn't. I, myself, am ill and I'm coughing away like a dying cat. (Sorry to the dying cats out there) Last year's post wasn't even good, so I'm planning to make this the ultimate guide. Even if 20,000 other bloggers have done it.

001: Dose yourself up:
Cough medicine, paracetamol, coffee and honey. Yes honey. These are your friends if you have a really disgusting cold like me. Let's face it, we hate feeling all groggy, horrible and I'm not one for lying around under a blanket all day. The sooner you dose yourself up, the more likely it is you'll get better quicker. And coffee because it's just nice to drink something hot.

002: Don't bother using anything that smells:
Except Olbas oil. That's a savious for helping clear your sinuses. So forget the festive candle that you wanted to burn to bring your mood up or that Lush bath. Because you won't smell it anyway and it'll make you sad because you've wasted some product. If you want a nice hot bath, use something you don't mind not smelling because I had one last night and I just sat there not enjoying it because I couldn't smell the comforter bubble bar...

003: Have some products on hand:
Like a lip balm and cream, my lips and hands seem to become the Sahara desert when I'm ill and I haven't a clue why. So I carry these little Lush tins around with me and I top up whenever I need to. It makes me feel better even when I'm not wearing any makeup.

004: Binge on videos and what not:
I'm not talking about chocolates because you can't even savor the flavour when you're ill. I'm talking about films, youtube videos and tv shows. I especially love watching back vlogs like Zoella's 2013 vlogmas - because that was the best. And The Michalaks. Forget Netflix, their 30 min long vlogs are amazing and filmed so so well it's like watching a professional documentary about their life. But it's filmed by them! They're also pretty funny and I feel all nice and cosy inside and outside when I watch their family life.

How do you guys plan to survive an illness?

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  1. I pretty much do all of these things to fight of illness - I always get ill in the colder months as well, so I hope you feel better soon!

    Lucy |

    1. thank you and I'm starting seeing as I'm now bobbing my head along to Christmas songs haha


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