A New Succulent


-- Please welcome Marina to my room! --

After my mum successfully managed to kill one of my cacti off - she knocked it off my table and it was never the same since. I thought I should buy a lovely replacement. (Since after lovingly attending to another succulent, it decided to die on me) I bought another aloe plant from my nearest garden centre because it kind of fits in with the whole Pinterest room interior thing I'm trying to create.

I'm seriously hoping I don't kill Marina 2.0 off because it's really pretty and it's a lovely size for my table. I think I should look up top tips on looking after a succulent because I don't want things to go sour now. She might also appear as a prop in future blog posts - fingers crossed.

So that's what's been happening recently in my January life. Yay.

Do any of you own any succulents or cacti?

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  1. What a lovely succulent - I've managed to kill one of my recently, which is so sad I don't know how I do it!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. i have a couple of cactus' and i actually haven't killed them yet! i'm rather proud of myself haha

    1. Well done haha I admire your achievements :'D


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