Instagram Diary #8


-- Thankfully I've kept the same filter since the last one --

Now I've put my Sunday Summaries on hold, I thought I would continue my Instagram diary so you can see a sort of behind the scenes of my life. I think people are starting to like that I've generally kept the same theme since November and I'll think I'll only go to a warmer one when it comes to April. Enjoy this and don't forget to follow my Instagram: @franalibi.

001: Heaven aka Lush Oxford Street | 002: SkinnyDip Purchase and Starbucks | 003: A Winter Sunset | 004: Shake Shack | 005: A Colourful OOTD | 006: Tumblr and Chill | 007: Escaping in London | 008: Luminere Festival | 009: Standard Blogger Liberty London Flowers

instagram: @franalibi

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  1. Honestly obsessed with your instagram - your photos are so pretty!

    Lucy | Forever September


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx