Album Of The Month: Art Angels // Grimes


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I feel like I've neglected my music part of the blog and I bet you didn't even know I used to write album reviews... So here's a lovely little post today.

If you asked my 14 year old self if I would listen to electronics I would immediately jump in a pool. (I can't swim) But something seems to have changed 4 years on because now I'm listening to the likes of Years and Years and Grimes. Maybe because I want to explore the universe of music rather than staying in the galaxy of rock. Because I used to be a pretty hardcore rock fan.

My recent adventure was onto the planet of Grimes' Art Angels which was released November last year. Straight off on the first track Laughing And Not Being Normal, you can tell Grimes takes an eclectic approach to her fourth album with classical sounds and celestial angel like vocals. I feel she also gives a nod to a more darker side with screams in Kill V Maim which very much remind me of Jared Leto's scream in 30 Seconds To Mars' The Kill. On the title track, there's more of a pop element with nods to guitar in the opening while Life In A Vivid Dream is a resonation of the kind of acoustic guitar songs that I love to hear.

Art Angels is certainly a unique album and one that I think hits all the right notes. If you want something different to listen to this week, then look no further than Grimes.


Recommended Songs:
001: Kill V. Maim
002: Flesh Without Blood
003: Butterfly

What are your current favourite artists right now?

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