Having A Happy Place


-- Being content with yourself --

I hardly ever write these sorts of posts, but I was reading through oh comely and thinking about what I could do next for my blog. And I thought, why not write some posts in a creative way. I hope you like this - much like this post that I'm doing on a Sunday - and do comment below if you do. These will be written every Monday, so enjoy...


There was one time in my life where I didn't have to worry about anything. All it was about was whether I got a question right in my homework, or deciding which walk to school badge I would wear in the morning for the the day ahead. My eyes are closed and I'm trying to block out the static noise of life around me. And then out of my window I hear the quick repetitive calls of seagulls and I'm suddenly on the beach. I'm sitting right by the shore and I feel content.

The sound of waves rolling in and out by my feet lulls me into an undeniable sweet calm that's miles away from the rush of city life. Looking out to sea there seems a metaphorical infinite distance between me and where I want to be in life. But for now I'm happy in a place where time seems to have stopped still with seagulls continuously swooping above my head, and treading along the beach quickly and soundlessly ready to take chips off the next unknowing victim.

I wish I could live in Brighton. Whenever I go there it takes me to a place of happiness, treasuring the sweet taste of a 99 with the 7 year old me from long ago. Oblivious to the years ahead. My dream is to move there, buy a beach hut, rent a flat and get a job in the lanes while continuing my passion for photography. I live for the salty smell of the sea, the pain of bare feet walking along the pebbled beach that makes you realise how alive and in the now you are, the scoops of ice cream in a tub with the cute flimsy plastic spoon and the adventure through the lanes with rainbow bunting.

Don't get me wrong, I love where I live and what I have, but being by the sea helps me to be content. If you want to join me, I'll be on the pier eating ice cream and looking at the sea shells at the stalls.

Where's your happy place?

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