Sunday Snuggle Down #1


-- It's coffee and reading day --

Happy Sunday my lovely readers! Today I wanted to start a new series for Sundays because isn't the day all about being lazy and catching up on everything you missed in the week? Also, it's the day when a majority of the youtubers I watch upload a video. To be honest, I was getting bored of my Sunday Summaries as they were pretty repetitive, so I thought I would try something different and share with you - like some other bloggers - links to articles and products I've been reading and looking at this week. Long introduction, but I hope you get to know me more through this and discover loads of things right from the comfort of wherever you are... Welcome to Sunday Snuggle Down.

  • There's not many series' that bloggers do that I become addicted to and look forward to, but that has changed. I avidly look forward to a dear blogger of mine's series about being a single girl and I love it! It's hilarious and so down to earth. Vicky publishes one every Sunday, so catch up on The Single Girl Diaries here before the next one!
  • I love Buzzfeed posts, but not many have cracked me up as much as this one. It's about supermarket mistakes and bad promotion. Don't judge me but I just can't stop laughing about how funny it is.
  • Much like the rest of the world - I think - I was pretty excited when the first official trailer for Suicide Squad came out. And I fangirled over Jared's Joker OMFG. You can watch the trailer here - note: it has a fantastic song choice.
  • I've never been a fan of digital watches and I'm probably late to the party, but this Casio Classic one caught my eye and I'm in love. I need it.
  • If you're a huge Potterhead like me, then you'll understand why I really want this mindfulness Harry Potter themed colouring book. It's so beautiful inside... *sigh of admiration* I'll probably waste my money if I get it because I don't want to ruin it with my crap choice of colouring.
  • This blog post opened my mind to how I should care for my succulents. No wonder they've been dying on me oops. Let's hope I can learn from this. If you're obsessed with the little guys like me, you might find this helpful too!
Do comment down below if you like the series so far, because I don't want to write something no one likes haha.

Have a lovely weekend readers xx

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  1. The title!!!! I love it :D also, I'm obsessed with buzzfeed too, I always find myself doing the random quizzes oh gosh.


    1. thank you! I'm glad you liked it and same here buzzfeed is dangerously addictive...

  2. AWW so touched you actually mentioned my series. Thank you <3

    1. you're welcome, I actually enjoy reading it and tonight's was amazing as well xx

  3. Love the new series, can't wait for next weeks edition! Suicide Squad looks amazing too :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. thank you! I'm glad everyone's feeling positive about it and I can't wait for August omg I might cry


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