My Go To Lush Face Mask


-- Oh I do like a little bit of seaaswweeeeeed --

It's quite literally no secret that I'm a huge Lush fan. Honestly, I think it's probably one of a very few brands that I use for bath and skincare now haha. I thought I'd reintroduce you lovely readers to one of my all time favourite products. I first bought this pot of loveliness nearly two years ago when I first started this blog and I wrote about it here. I haven't actually done a full review of it, so I think that I should just rave on about my favourite face mask...

I've tried many different face masks in between buying this just to find out what it best for me, and in all honesty, Lush is the only brand where I don't have a reaction. Anything from the drugstore, even if it claims to be natural, I react to! So good news, Lush you'll be getting my money forever with your masks.

The BB Seaweed face mask contains: seaweed (duh), honey, aloe vera, rose, ground almonds and kaolin. So in summary, it's a soothing, cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. I really love this for the smell and it makes my skin feel so nice and soft after. I have tried other Lush masks, but I keep going back to this and I realise, as my skin type is normal it doesn't make it feel weird or really dry. I'd generally say this is good for normal to dry skin and maybe even sensitive skin as it's really gentle and you don't really feel the ground almonds on your face.

And that is why, my friends, I love this face mask so much.

If you've tried the Lush face masks, what is your favourite go to?

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