5 Reasons Why Blogging Is A Great Hobby


-- Oh here's another over written topic --

I feel sick. What a great way to start a post with a title that seems so very click baity - that isn't even a word. It's not the stay in bed for 5 days type of sickness, it's the nostalgic kind of sickness. Like when you read a Buzzfeed post about all the old children's tv shows you used to watch and you get emotional and but feel kind of sick with happiness and nostalgia. That's me right now. My blog recently turned two, and I was just looking back at all the posts from last May/June and it hit me. It was because I was finally feeling happy with my blog, I recently changed my blog name and I was becoming excited for the holiday.

I miss last summer, I really do, but it also gave me a feeling of loving what I was doing. Especially when on study leave because I didn't procrastinate, I just made sure I worked my blogging around my studying and it worked. This has become my main hobby. And so I wanted to write this post, mainly due to the fact that I just want to say publicly that I don't care if I don't make money out of this - like everyone expects to happen and it's become such a huge stigma that people expect and want to be the next Zoella - this is where I'm at my happiest. The end. Now onto the reasons...

001: Being proud of your blog is like forever holding a beautiful bubble of rainbow happiness. All the work I put into my blog is now becoming my proudest work and it feels me up with pride that I have readers that care about what I say.

002: It challenges you creatively and you can push your limits to make yourself better at what you love. I don't know if that's how some people feel with their work, but I get a fuzzy feeling of pride and want to share my work asap with everyone. Because if you don't love being creative and challenged, how are you supposed to grow with your blog?

003: Blogging means writing and you can whack out great posts if you love it. I've recently wanted to challenge myself with my writing and I hope you guys are noticing slight changes. I mean, us bloggers, with the power of writing, we can make a slab of cheese sound like the must have food of the season.

004: Admit it, stalking other bloggers is the best reason. You can slyly get ideas about what to write and spend hours reading posts when you should be doing something productive. But hey, consider it a hobby like when you go fishing, you can spend forever waiting for a fish to come. And blogging is more exciting!

005: A blog can be anything you want! I follow bloggers who write about books, TV shows, beauty, fashion, travel, etc. If you have a passion for something else, a blog can be a place to share it and connect with people who love the same things. And boom! You have a mini community!

So, there you have it. I promise not to write such a cliche post again. But can we just appreciate how the art of blogging has made my coffee look so nice (and that I was able to share the photo with you all) because blogging is such a great hobby. Here are 10 more reasons...

What do you guys love about blogging being a hobby?

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  1. love all these points you've mentioned! I love having a blog because its a space where I can talk about all my different interests and get some lovely feedback from it too!


    1. I'm so glad you liked it! :)


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