A Vintage Romance With Sleek Cosmetics


-- Feeling super super vintage! --

I am fully aware that I have already done a review on this palette, but let's be real. I could do better when reviewing this product because the first wasn't actually for me, it was for my mum and I don't think I ever told you guys that. Oops. Update: I did, but I still reviewed it anyway...

I decided to finally pick up my own Sleek Vintage Romance palette in Boots to try out. First off, the colours are lovely and pigmented - and as you can tell I really quite like the top first four! Ahhh I'm a sucker for metallic shades! I have always loved Sleek as drugstore brand I think they provide some great top notch quality products (except maybe the lipsticks but we won't mention them...) and the eyeshadows are no exception. After always sticking to the chocolate palettes from Makeup Revolution, I needed a shake up in my routine.

There's also some pretty purple toned shades thrown in with a shimmery black which I tried to blend in one day and it ended in disaster. Definitely need to work on my black eyeshadow blending technique. I genuinely think Sleek have done well with their colour choices as the purples look gorgeous blended into the crease and the outer corner of the eyes with a metallic as the base.

You can probably guess what my go to look has been of late, but when it comes to this brand I don't think you can ever turn to higher priced products. The mirror doesn't look or feel cheap when using it, and the packaging is a nod to NARS. Just what I love. And the best part, they're even more pigmented and pretty when applied with the finger!

What is your favourite drugstore brand for eyeshadow palettes?

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  1. those shades are gorgeous for the Spring! Defy loving sleek atm, always such high pigmentation and last forever! xx

    1. they do! and you're right! I think the purples feel very floral :)

  2. Forever one of my favourite palettes - I actually won it in a giveaway and have been obsessed with Lush palettes ever since! x


    1. I know! And I think Lush is on your mind?? Haha aww <3

  3. The post is fantastic! I love it so much!:)
    Have a nice day!



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