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We all have those days when something goes wrong in our makeup routine... Our winged eyeliner becomes thicker than the other, the mascara runs out and our nail paint smudges. Fear not, my dear readers, I have three beauty hacks that can change your life - I hope or you can just continue living your life the way you do. I use these all the time and they actually work, so I shall pass this wisdom onto you. You're welcome.

001: How To Prolong The Use Of Your Mascara:
There comes a time where our mascara dries out and we don't have another one and we scrabble around to find something else to use. This tip is so simple it'll make your mascara last longer and you can also save money! When your mascara starts to dry out, before each use, simply run the product under hot running water for a few seconds, give it a shake and hey presto! More wet mascara! I've been using this tip more now and it honestly works - I've had one mascara since August and it's still going.

002: How To Save Eyeliner And Tidy Makeup:
You know when you accidentally smudge some eyeliner or the eyeshadow goes too far out and you need to tidy it? This is the most obvious and easy to do tip, that I'm sure you guys already know about it. But I'm going to tell you anyway! Grab a cotton bud and simply swipe away and fix! I use it to tidy the edges of eyeshadow, to get rid of wings and start again. Now go forth and continue to slay people with your makeup.

003: How To Save Your Smudged Nail Paint:
Your nails are done, they're so neat you couldn't be prouder and then thinking they're dry, you go and ruin them. I actually got this tip off Rochelle Humes in 2010 - a former member of The Saturdays. And I've used it ever since. Run the tragic accident under hot water and using a finger move it back and smooth out. And then you can paint over if you want. Or just repaint the nail haha.

004: Other Cheeky Hacks:

  • Always use hot water on your face when doing a cleanse/double cleanse as it opens the pores. Then use toner after as it closes the pores. That's why Liz Earle has a Hot Cloth Cleanser!
  • When a tube of product is "finished" there's sure to be more product in there. Just use scissors to cut towards the end and voila more product and pennies saved! I use this when using the Benefit POREFessional.
  • If you have some old products you haven't used in months and you're not sure if they'll be effective or not. Check the back of the packaging and there should be a pot symbol with something like "30M" inside. That tells you how many months the product is effective for - and then you can remember when you bought it and work it out from there.
Comment below some beauty hacks you have!

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  1. My mum taught me the "cut the tops off of things" tip. There is ALWAYS so much product that you can't reach haha. Love your other hacks too, great post!


    1. same here haha, I'm glad you liked them <3

  2. I didn't know about the mascara! This hack is so useful as sometimes mascaras can dry out so easily. For the nails I tend to smooth out the smudges without adding hot water, and my finger prints sometimes show so the nail is ruined anyway haha. Next time I'll try it under hot water! Thanks for sharing :D

    Julia x
    Last post: OOTD - cats & pompoms! |

    1. you're welcome and my mum taught me most of these, so you can thank her haha xx


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx