February Favourites


-- Goodies galore --

I'm going to swerve past the sentence about the month going quickly, because let's admit it, everyone and their little pug writes it in their end of month favourites post. This month has been a right mix for me. I accidentally spent a lot in Lush - and when I say accidentally, I intended to get every exclusive spring product going. But I also discovered new products which have become such a staple in my routine! So, without further ado, let's get stuck in!

001: Lush Yummy Mummy Shower Cream:
This little shower cream is part of the Mother's Day range in Lush and I couldn't resist trying it, because as soon as I smelt it, it reminded me of a product I used before. I won't go into too much detail, you can read the haul post here, but with geranium and cocoa butter inside, it's now one of my favourites and I've stocked up on a bigger bottle ooohhh.

002: SkinnyDip London Popcorn iPhone 6 Plus Case:
I bought this case in January, and I still think it's the cutest and best one I've bought from the brand so far. I do have another one, but at the moment this is perfect! I'm not going to lie, I did buy it because I couldn't buy the case velvetgh0st released, so I decided to buy the one she had from SkinnyDip. Look at the little popcorn with eyes aw aw.

003: Lush Rough With The Smooth Body Scrub:
Kate La Vie said in one of her Lush posts that this was an amazing product. And me, determined to expand my knowledge of the products, swooped one up. And 5 uses or so in, I can really agree with her! With the combination of sugar and murumuru butter, it's a delight to use. It's super moisturising but also gently exfoliating. Plus it has the same scent as Lord Of Misrule - and it was part of this haul here. What's not to love?

004: Benefit High Beam Highlighter:
What did I say when I raved about this product in a post? This little bottle of rainbows has become a lovely staple to my everyday routine. It highlights my cheekbones and brow bones so well that I've not touched my eyebrow highlighter in my brow kit from Soap & Glory since buying it. It finishes off my makeup amazingly well and I think it's a product well spent on. Seriously guys, if you're looking for a good highlighter.... YOU NEED TO TRY THIS!

006: Elizabeth Shaw Orange Spice Chocolates:
My friend bought me these as a Christmas present, and because I only got them recently, I've been rationing them. They taste so good and they're not too spicy. Sadly, they're only Christmas edition. I have a few left, but little ol' me is being careful not to scoff them all at once. That's a first.

007: Suitcase Magazine:
In this post, I was talking about escaping to Iceland and highlighting on an article in Suitcase magazine. That's because this independent travel and fashion magazine has become a favourite. Even though my heart lies with frankie and oh comely. I've turned to this as an escape, the articles in this issue about Iceland, Arizona and other places are breathtaking and I feel like I can escape and be transported there when I sit alone in my room. (I do have friends, I promise) You guys need to read this if you love travel, photography and writing!

What have you guys been loving this month?

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  1. There's a reason why everyone and their pugs say it though; because this year is going by freakishly fast! I've got to try that Benefit High Beam Highlighter!

    I've been loving sleep this month because assignments anybody? Ha. I hope you had a great February, Fran!


    1. That's true haha! oh and sleep will forever be a favourite :)

  2. your phone case is so cute!!!!!


    1. thank you, I'll have to agree with you haha xx


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