Sunday Snuggle Down #3


-- The day for cinnamon rolls and pinterest --

It's crazy how another week has passed already and there were certainly early signs that Spring is coming. I mean, I saw actual daffodils yesterday and Lush's Mother's Day range has been launched. I'm yet to say goodbye to more money in there... This week I had my first few shifts at Cath Kidston and it's scary how similar customer service there is to Lush - though I have to get my head round selling bags rather than shampoo. But for now, sit back and enjoy this week's installment!

  • Since starting at Cath Kidston, I've got my eye on this cute cosmetics bag which will be a perfect replacement for my 6 year old one!
  • I've been watching a fair bit of TV this week and my current favourites include the BBC 3 documentary about vloggers hosted by Jim Chapman - it was really interesting as I, of course, love YouTube. You can watch it here. As well as the Bake Off, because who doesn't love that?!
  • Another Buzzfeed post, but you should know my favourite comedian is Michael McIntyre and the website made an amazing post about his best jokes. I literally can't stop laughing.
  • The snapchat filters have been pretty cool recently, and I'm loving the hearts one. But there's also one that makes me look like Meghan Trainor it's so funny - if you guess then you get a free pizza slice. (I'm not being mean because I really love Meghan and her music!)
  • Lastly, if you want to make your own pancakes Tuesday without the ready mix, then this simple one is the best one I've seen this week!
How was your week guys?

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  1. Aaaah cinnamon rolls sound so good right now! Thanks for linking to Jim's doco, I wanted to watch it but it's not airing here in the US.

    1. aw no I hope the link works xx

  2. That cinnamon roll looks amazing...... :(

    1. it was and hint hint, it was from Starbucks haha


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