Danger: Includes Coffee


-- It's all about getting through Monday --

The second installment of my creative Monday series is about my one true love, my bae, the french to my stick. Coffee. I think it was that pivotal moment of hypnosis with the sound of the barista frothing the milk and blending the coffee beans that created my caffeinated heaven. A simple cup of instant coffee is something I turn my nose up at - it's safe to say that I now have a rich palette for those little beans.

If you're fed up with seeing the characters in Pretty Little Liars randomly carrying a cup of coffee everywhere, all the time, in any and almost every scene, you can bet your house on the fact that that's me. It's become such a problem that I drink more coffee than my fellow addicted friend who hardly drinks it now. I'm three stars away from hitting gold *GOLD!* (sorry) on my Starbucks card.

My excuse used to be that I needed this elixir of life on a Monday, just to get through the day. But now if someone asked me what is one thing I would take to a desert island, I would straight up say my Dolce Gusto machine - that I bought off that previously mentioned friend. She sold it to me ok? I blame her.

It is now my mission to set out and find the best coffee shops in London, and I think my favourite actual hipster heaven is Timberyard and I did a review on it here. If you ever see me drinking coffee, ie, every day, then just picture a colourful vision of me bouncing on clouds with coffee beans floating around me...

Are you, my fellow reader, also addicted to coffee?

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