Winter Lush Haul


-- Essentials and all that --

I know what you're thinking... Omg Fran another Lush haul?! I really should create it's own separate tag... These are purely all essential and a few little treats that I had to buy seeing as some of my products literally ran out the other week. *sad face* I thought I would try some products that I've only ever had as a sample when working at Lush and a couple of others that bloggers have sworn by.

001: Big Blue, Sex Bomb and Intergalactic Bath Bombs:
If you don't know by now, these three bath bombs are my absolute favourites and I swear by them that they will bring you the perfect relaxing baths you want. I love the sea salt and seaweed with the lavender in Big Blue as it makes me feel so so calm, the jasmine in Sex Bomb is just so fragrant and relaxing and has a cute flower and the peppermint and colours in Intergalactic are perfect if I want a bright happy bath.

002: Brightside Bubble Bar:
I've already talked about this in a previous haul, but it's so citrusy and fragrant and smells so good. I get about 6 baths at a stretch out of these bars and I don't know why no one really buys this. It's just perfect for being uplifting and happy.

003: King of Skin Body Butter:
The first of the new products to try and this I bought for my mum because Tanya Burr said it was really good. And then my mum said it was really good, so I thought 'I need this!' I can't wait to use it as I want to prolong the usage of my body conditioners. You can use this in the shower after a shower gel or scrub instead of a lotion after. I have a tin for it, and if it's really good, I'll let you know in the future!

004: Rough With The Smooth Body Scrub:
I was so happy when I found out this smells exactly like Lord of Misrule as I've nearly finished my bottle of it. It contains granulated sugar and murumuru butter so gets rid of dead skin while moisturises. If this is as amazing as I've heard, then I might try and make this a staple product.

005: Ultrabland Facial Cleanser:
I first tried this out when I worked at Lush to be able to get to know the ingredients and benefits, and now I wanted to try it as a full sized product. I'm taking a step back from the more solid cleansers as even though they're effective, they're a little messy... Ultrabland has very few ingredients like honey and rose water so it's perfect for sensitive skin. I looking forward to using this to take my makeup off as it's probably one of the best products out there to do it.

006: Dirty Shaving Cream:
There's not a lot I can say about this product but it's from the Gorilla Perfume range and is a cream rather than the D'Fluff soap that I use. I hardly ever have to shave, so this little pot will last for ages - I think the D'Fluff has lasted nearly a year... It contains oat milk and shea butter which is soothing and nourishing with honey. I can't want to dig into this...

007: The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask:
I wanted to take break from the continuous use of my favourite BB Seaweed. I've tried almost every Lush face mask except for this and  I thought I would try it! Ginkgo leaf boosts the blood circulation and there's honey, yoghurt and free range eggs to soften the skin. This is perfect for creating a youthful complexion and it's one of those that has no bits in - like seaweed, almonds or rice.

Have you guys bought anything from Lush recently?

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  1. I'm one of those people who has never brought the Brightside bubble bar, it looks great though. I'll have to purchase it when i'm next in Lush!



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