Why Lavender Is Amazing For Sleep


-- It's time to get a good night's rest --

It wasn't until I bought the Lush Spa gift back in December that I started to truly appreciate the power and effect that lavender can have on you. It's been known by every expert and lavender lover that to get a over a troublesome sleep is to have some lavender oil - which is known to be calming and it smells amazing as well.

I use Lush's Dream Time temple balm to make me feel calm and relaxed before a sleep. Not only does it contain lavender, there's also sandalwood oil and chamomile to relax and calm you. It's much like a lip balm as it's solid and you use your finger to melt the balm and of course massage it into your temples. On the night's where I put it on an hour before going to bed, I find I have a much better night's sleep than when I put it on as soon as I hop in. This is perfect for those who have trouble sleeping and you can grab one at Lush Oxford Street for £5.95.

I also use Mayfield's lavender oil and the type of lavender I use is Grosso which to me smells like how lavender should smell. I bought it when I went on a drive with the family and we popped in there. It has a dropper so you put two drops on each side of your pillow. The smell is so strong but really calming. I tend to read to let the smell relax me and then I switch off. The bottle I bought was £7 and it lasts for a few months.

I know people use other methods, but using lavender is also the most natural way to aid sleep. So, if you're intrigued, give these a go and do let me know what you do if you have trouble sleeping.

Also, I think I should win an award for the most times I've said "calm" and "relax" in a post haha.

Do you guys love a bit of lavender?

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  1. The LUSH Dream Time balm sounds amazing - never heard of it before!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. you can buy it in most stores I think :)


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