My Updated Skincare Routine


-- It's all natural up in here --

Over the past couple of years, mainly due to my blogging, I created a skincare routine to keep my normal skin in tip top condition and those rare annoying spots at bay. And now entering my third year of blogging, I have finally nailed my routine down to a few products. However, these three are the main ones I tend to reach for. Of course I still have my Garnier Micellar Water and Liz Earle cleanser, but I also find these three Lush products super effective!

001: Ultrabland Cleanser:
This cleanser is a little oily because of the natural oils but contains very few ingredients. This is perfect for those with sensitive or problem skin because it has rose water, almond oil, beeswax and honey. A pot is £11, but you really don't need a lot, I haven't even scrapped the top much and I've used it about 10 times so far. Much like Liz Earle, you massage it over your face, and then use a hot cloth to remove the makeup and product. I either go for a face mask after, but mainly I go straight to toning.

002: Tea Tree Water Toner:
I love this product so much, I've upgraded to a bigger bottle haha. It has tea tree water, grapefruit water and juniperberry water. All of which are antibacterial and antiseptic. I either spray it directly onto the face or onto a cotton pad and this helps to combat the little spots on my face that pop up - literally they are so tiny it's annoying! This toner is so effective for me, that I probably won't try any other from Lush.

003: Million Dollar Moisturiser:
I admit it, I don't use this all the time and only very occasionally. It contains honey, rosewood oil and fair trade shea butter. So it's lovely and moisturising - perfect for dry skin - as well as uplifting and antiseptic. Again, like the cleanser, you only need a tiny amount and I've this since October and I'm not even halfway through! I don't have a lot to boast about due to minimal use but it gives me an amazing glow and feels really nice on the skin.

What products do you guys use for your skincare?

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  1. You have just massively educated me on Ultrabland. I stopped using it because it didn't seem to come off my face completely and funnily enough I moved onto cleanse and polish. How annoying, I'm definitely going to give Ultrabland a go again and use the hot cloth technique! Great post.

    1. you're welcome and thank you so much xx

  2. I still haven't tried any Lush skincare, really like the sound of the toner and love that it comes in a spray bottle! x

    1. I find spray bottles so practical and you really need to! if you want to try anything, just dm me on twitter because I worked in Lush over Christmas so I could recommend some products for you :) x

  3. Ultrabland is definitely one of my favourite cleansers although I have been using Starcraft (Kitchen exclusive) and Herbalism :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. I'm really sad I keep missing out on kitchen exclusives! Angels on Bare Skin and Let The Good Times Roll are amazing ones for me :)


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx