Sunday Snuggle Down #6


-- It's Mothering Sunday woo hoo --

Happy Mother's Day to all my readers Mum's out there! I'm planning to spoil my mum today and step one is complete - presenting her with some Lush treats. I'm next going to show my inner Mary Berry and bake some muffins while my dad does the roast. Whatever you're planning for your mum, have an amazing day! <3 I also reached 40,000 page views on my blog which I'm blown away with, so thank you so much guys. But, let's get on with this post shall we...

  • This blog post exploded and reached over 600 views which is honestly 5 times more than what I get on average omg. If you're attracted to posts surrounding the blogger world, give it a read if you want.
  • My lovely friend Victoria teaches us how to up our marble game with these amazing gadget covers!
  • On Monday, I went to see Deadpool and it was just amazing! Watch the trailer if you don't believe me and go and see it for yourself.
  • The 1975 released their new album last week and it has been on play all week. Their new album is perfect for the spring/summer and is just engineered and created so well that I could cry. My current favourite song is Somebody Else. Listen to the preview and give your own verdict.
  • If fashion is what you're after, I have a current obsession with Hannah Louise and her beautiful blog and style. I really want to steal what she wears but I know I can't pull it off... Only in my dreams...
  • Lastly, if you're looking to wow your mum with something baked and not a cake, then give this easy to make Lemon Tart a whirl and see how good it tastes!
How was your week guys?

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  1. Aww thank you for the mention lovely! My mum isn't here until the evening but I got her some Lush goodies and we'll probably have a nice chill dinner x :)

    1. that's ok! :3 and I hope you have a lovely evening tonight with your mum xx


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