April Favourites


-- Rearing for the summer --

April was one of those months where it feels like the beginning of the month for a long time and then it's gone and we're moving onto another month. It's been a blur of shifts and I can't even remember what day it is right now. Oh, it's Friday. This month has strangely been the time where I really love the colours pink and blue again, and I've been trying to bring summer as early as possible to my mornings. And these favourites really show it!

001: Cath Kidston Blossom Bunch Purse:
Kick-starting my summery vibes, I bought this cute purse to bring some sun to my bag and every day life as I'm always reaching for my purse. So, what not use one that's cute and stylish? Blossom is one of my favourite parts of spring and I was so happy when they brought this one out!

002: Lush Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream:
Forget chocolate oranges, I fell in love with this because it smells like coconuts. It's perfect for a refreshing start to the day and the cocoa butter inside makes your skin feel gloriously soft - it's unreal. I'll be using this every day for the rest of my life now haha.

003: Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Dragon Fruit:
I found out I had £5 left over on my Boots voucher from Christmas, so wanting to inject some pink to my life, I picked up this nail paint. It's the most perfect shade of pink I've ever seen and it has the coolest name ever don't you think?

004: Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara in Intense Black:
I've always loved the Lash Sensational mascara, but when I picked it up in an even blacker version, it was easy to love it even more! It not only makes my top lashes look amazing but my lower lashes look so much more visible and adds that something extra to my makeup looks.

005: Frankie Magazine:
Issue seventy of frankie is probably my favourite so far - not only because of the colour but the content is top notch. I find myself reaching for it more and it just goes to prove that independent magazines can bring some beautiful quality to your life without being super commercialized. You need to pick it up asap!

What have you guys been loving this month?

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  1. I've been loving the Maybelline Las Sensational loads this month too - I find it does get a bit clumpy but it seriously holds a curl! This Lush shower cream sounds super lovely too - will have to check it out when I'm next in store :) x
    Charlotte's Road

    1. yeah that's the only problem with it really but I still love it so much haha! and you really need to, it's one of my ultimate shower faves right now!

  2. That purse is gorgeous! Absolutely perfect for spring. And honestly, there needs to be a lush item in every favorites post. They just sell the most amazing things.

    Love, Kerstin | http://www.missgetaway.com/

  3. Such lovely favourites - I love Lash Sensational, such a good mascara!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. That Lush shower gel sounds gorgeous! X

    1. Like I said, literally summer in a bottle


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