My First Ever Lush Kitchen Haul


-- The best unboxing in the world --

I'd like to say first of all, sorry for not posting in a good few days... When you get your first ever 8 hour shifts in a row it really drains you - and that's why I haven't had the energy to write a post! But after my third long shift yesterday, this human sloth was so happy to come home to a Lush Kitchen parcel. If you remember, I did a post on a shower smoothie, but it wasn't a purchase I made and was actually a prize I won from another Lushie (that's the name of Lush fans FYI). So you can imagine my excitement when I managed to get online and make my first ever purchase.

The Lush Kitchen is an exclusive online store which creates a "menu" as such with one off products for that week. They release two products a day and each product you receive comes with amazing polaroids of the compounders and the product. Ahhh so cool! Some products are so popular that the limited stock sells out in literally minutes as products are put live at 8am each day. I was lucky enough to be casually browsing the other afternoon and find some ones that weren't sold out. So, enough rambling, let's talk about what I got.

001: Jungle Shower Jelly:
This one caught my eye because not only the gorgeous green colours but also the ingredients. I've become a fan of the jellies recently and this one sounded like the perfect product to kick off summer. It contains cleansing fresh kumquat infusion and refreshing cedarwood oil. Together they make quite a nice scent that reminds me of a jungle. Oooh.

002: Tropical Jungle Body Lotion:
This one has a similar sort of scent but with the ylang ylang, cypress and almond oils, it smells like a rainforest after a heavy shower. Too good. It's quite light and absorbs really well and I can't wait to add this to the end of my shower and bath routines woo hoo.

003: Phoenix Bubble Bar:
I'm usually one to go for more sweeter, calming scents but I was intrigued to try out this one with cinnamon leaf, clove leaf and sandalwood oils. These stimulate and warm the skin and have a herbal sort of cinnamon toast scent. I think this would be perfect for using after a long day at work. Like I have been doing recently haha.

I hope to add more Lush Kitchen hauls to my blog, and if you do want to see more, comment down below! Right now, I'm off to potentially make my next order haha.

Have you guys ever thought of buying from the Lush Kitchen?

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  1. The Phoenix Bubble Bar sounds lovely! I managed to get my hands on a bottle of the Tropical Jungle Body Lotion too and it smells divine! Lovely post :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. I know! I put a bit on my arms before I rushed out to work this morning and it smells amazing I'm in love :)


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