Be Ready For Summer With Bumble And Bumble


-- Feel the sea breeze in your hair --

It's about to hit June and I'm hoping the weather improves dramatically. But in the meantime, I'm here to rave about the product that can help you get the 'just came out of the sea and my hair feels textured and wavy' look. On a little essentials trip, I decided to pick up the travel size version of the Bumble and Bumble Surf Set which contains the shampoo, conditioner and cult fave hair spray. I think they're adorable and perfect for taking away on holiday or for a weekend away! (I wanted to get that feeling of preparing for a getaway again)

Even though I was most excited for the spray, I couldn't wait to get stuck into the main hair products. Firstly, they smell of sea salt and kelp (which is one of the ingredients) though looking at the back it's all mainly gobbledygook to me... The shampoo didn't give as much lather as I wanted but maybe it was because I put a really small amount in my hair, but it rinsed out pretty easily and there weren't any traces left. The conditioner on the other hand, after applying and waiting for two minutes, made my hair feel so soft and silky and smelt just as good as the shampoo.

My hair was easy to brush through when wet/damp and when I just about dried my hair (you can apply it on damp or dry hair), I applied the spray - rather excitedly. I made sure it was even and it created a lovely rough texture that felt like sea salt had graced it. It was slightly more wavy than my OGX sea salt spray but quickly lost it because I decided to brush it through. Oops. Next time I'll try and avoid doing that.

This was my first time trying products from Bumble and Bumble - the brand name keeps making me think of bumble bees - and even though I'm not quite completely sold on the brand, I think after polishing off these products, I might be persuaded to try others from the brand. Though I did fall in love with the texture the spray gave me!

Have you guys tried any products from Bumble and Bumble?

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  1. Great post, I love these products! :)

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    1. Thank you and I'll read it ASAP X


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