Sunday Snuggle Down #14


-- Sundays with a compliment of tea and ginger biscuits --

It's another week (almost) over! Now that I'm in the working world, time seems to go so much more quickly it's actually scary holy moly. The good thing is that I'm getting paid soon and I hope to get some more lovely beauty bits and get my hands stuck into some more baking. So, with this week's selection of blog picks, I hope you guys get excited and ready to part with money... Of course there's the usual music loves to make your Sunday feel cosy.

  • If your home is your bath, then you should be excited for Zoella's (Zoe Sugg's) new beauty range: Sweet Inspirations! I'm determined to buy EVERYTHING! It all looks so sweet, summery and cosy at the same time. Plus you will be able to get good instagrams.
  • Summery brights and prints are in style, and I've been turning to the sisters from A Beautiful Mess for inspiration... Look here for bananas and fun colours.
  • I'm lusting after this peachy palette from afar. It's seriously so gorgeous I can't even.
  • This is the most summery song you will hear this month, and if you don't agree then I'll just shake my head at you. You've just gotta love a bit of Zooey Deschanel.
  • I'm having an obsession with elderflower at the moment, and it's coming to the perfect time of year to make these gorgeous looking ice lollies. Oh yes please!
  • Coconut oil and water is becoming a big thing in the beauty world. And I really thing these little beauties need to end up in my nail colour collection. SO SUMMERY.
How was your week lovelies?

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  1. Great recommendations! You pictures are amazing and your whole blog is stunning! I would love it if we followed eachother.

    Many kisses!

    1. aw thank you that's so sweet X

  2. you must try the coconut infusion range! The colours are gorgeous for summer and the shine they give is amazing! They last so long as well! xx

    1. I'm definitely sold now haha

  3. I definitely share the love with you on Elderflower. Possibly my favourite thing ever.


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx