The Coffee Scrub You Need In Your Routine


-- Don't just drink it, exfoliate with it! --

You may remember from this post here, that I spent a majority of my Boots Card points on a few little treats. One of them being this coffee scrub beauty. This tumblr looking packet of scrub is the Grounded Coffee Scrub with a dashing of grapefruit. (You can also get chocolate orange and coconut ones) It smells just as tropical as it looks which is coffee with a fruitiness mixed in. Literally perfect for the summer and this time of year!

It's certainly different from the standard drugstore scrubs that more than likely contain a chock full of synthetic beads. That means it's as close to a natural product as you're going to get if you don't ever go into Lush. Looking like something you would want to drink, though I don't recommend it, it's a very messy scrub. It goes everywhere in the shower and the brand does say that it should be best used in the shower, but you could also opt for the bath.

Down to the main scrubbing. It's really rough so it's not good for those with sensitive skin, but I found it was soft enough that my skin didn't turn red. It's really easy to wash away but it does end up everywhere. It's a great product for this time of year when your skin tends to become dry and you want to look fabulous with silky soft legs - so you can wear dresses and skirts and feel proud. I know my legs become really dry at this time of year. The coffee will also energise your skin which is one of the reasons why I was really drawn to this product.

I can't say how long it will last, but I think you can get a fair few uses out of it. For £15 it's a little steep, but from the few uses I've had, it will probably make up with the quality. And I will have to try and not drink it while I indulge in it haha.

Have you guys tried a coffee scrub before?

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  1. Great post, i love scrubs! Especially the PINK one from Johnny Organics, but this looks lovely too!

    xx Monica

    1. ooh I must check out that brand :D

  2. I've seen a lot of hype around coffee scrubs and I'm so eager to try one out - this sounds wonderful!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. it actually is! do try it out x


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