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-- Body lovin' galore --

As you're reading this, I'm now 19. I'm a whole year older guys what the hell. To ease me back into the beginning of another week after all the excitement of the weekend, I picked up this detox pamper pack from Oliver Bonas. Because my birthday was on the Sunday, I thought I deserved the best treat before a whole load of shifts at the start of the week.

For £9.95 it comes with four sachets that include: a hair mask, a face mask, eye pads and foot cream. Apart from the foot cream, each of these you leave on for 15 minutes. Now, at first glance it seems a lot of pennies for such a small thing, but you can get loads of product out of these. I mean, I was swimming in face mask and foot cream haha. Instead of summing it up in a tiny paragraph, I might as well do mini reviews on each of the sachets, because I was super impressed with the quality! (Being a Lush girl and all!)

001: The Hair Mask:
You can probably read the description from the picture, but this hair mask was a lovely creamy jojoba blend that really tends to your locks and makes it all smooth and luscious. All I did was shampoo my hair, squeeze out the excess water then slap on the mask and massage into the roots and ends. I took a warm towel (that I chucked into the boiler cupboard for 10 minutes) and wrapped it around my hair. You then rinse it off after 15 minutes and oh my, my hair has never felt so smooth and soft. It's now Wednesday and my hair still feels silky it's freaking amazing. I'm instantly in love.

002: The Face Mask and Eye Pads:
With this, it's just a general face mask that you plop on. It has refreshing and calming cucumber and aloe vera and it makes your skin feel super soft. The wild rose eye pads had to put in the fridge for 10 minutes before applying, and after they were really cold but were lovely to add to my under-eyes. I applied the mask around the pads and my skin felt really fresh and lovely after.

003: The Foot Cream:
I'm always on my feet with the job I'm in, so this foot cream was a package from heaven - I know that's not the phrase but you get what I mean. There was so much cream, I decided to drown my feet in it. This foot cream was intensive, and the brand suggests to put socks on for an even more intensive treatment. I left these on overnight and when I woke up my feet felt so relaxed and soft I couldn't believe it.

This pamper kit really works and I was even surprised myself because I find non-Lush products don't really appeal and work for me. If you guys are ever near an Oliver Bonas, do buy this for the weekend, because it really made me so ready for my Monday shift!

Do you guys love a good evening pamper?

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  1. Great article! I really love those "pampering days"! ♥

    1. thank you! They're the best aren't they xx

  2. i never really use this kind of stuff except for the occasional face mask but i should probably start caring for my skin and such more, these look really cute!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. I actually never up until recently so it makes a lovely change :)


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