What's On My Bedside Table


-- What do I sleep next to at night? --

I've been dying to do one of these posts for absolutely ages, but I was waiting for the optimum time to write one when I had everything I could possibly want on my table. And I think I'm just about finished decorating it. Obviously my table isn't marble - I'm using my trusty marble board for my blog - and my actual table is a boring wooden Argos one. But what I keep on it is much more exciting...

001: Reading:
First off, you will never seen my bedside table without a book. Thick or thin, I will always have a current read on there so I can either read it at night or pick it up during the day. I'm about to start Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar which I'm super excited about.

002: Scents:
A candle is necessary for my table. This one is the Primark fresh cotton one and it gives off an Urban Outfitters vibe which is one of the reasons why I bought it. I'm yet to start burning it, but for now, it just sits there looking pretty.

003: Beauty:
I love love love my Oliver Bonas pink tray, and yes, sadly there's a chip but I couldn't be bothered to get a replacement. Anyway, on there are all my beauty essentials. I have my lavender oil, Zoella Beauty hand cream (which is divine), Lush Dreamtime temple balm and Lush Charity Pot. All these are to help me to relax and send me to sleep in the evenings and is the last ritual of the day I perform. I also have my chokers, ring, bow and lucky stone on there, because there's really nowhere else I like to keep them...

004: Plant:
What is a bedside table without a plant? This one is from my local nursery and I love it. It's probably one of my favourite plants I've had so far and it only cost me £3. You probably would be charged at least £20 in Urban. Gotta add that greenery to my room!

005: Terranium:
Last, but not least, to add that hip minimal vibe to my table, I have my Urban Outfitters terranium thing. I think it's supposed to be for jewelry but I've just used it to house my battery candle which you can buy in packs from Next. It adds a cool touch and looks really nice on there. I love it.

What do you guys keep on your bedside table?

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