Why You Should Invest In Disposable Photography


-- Get indie with it! --

Shocker of the century - I've had this post in my drafts since January. JANUARY. But now that I've actually started to use the lovely pink disposable camera featured in the photo above, I can put this post to good use. I love photography and that might just be an understatement, my primary creative hub is Instagram and I take great care to get those shots. A great picture of Starbucks doesn't just come out of nowhere haha, and I even use my Canon 700D to build up my portfolio. (See that photography link in my header, go there to get a taste of my hobby) In all honesty, now there's nothing better than picking up a disposable camera - especially at this time of year - and taking a few shots. And no, it's not just indie and tumblr bambi kids that have them, these little guys are another amazing medium for capturing those memories. This post is going to be so cliche, but so accurate and true to what I think I'm going to write it anyway...

001: It's a one chance situation. There's no turning back as you've only got one shot of film to use and it's not like you can edit it after. I love the idea of you get what you aim for which makes the idea really special. Disposables are great for those trying out and practicing getting the 'eye' for photos. Plus, they're just super fun to use with winding up the film and clicking away. (No fuffing about with camera setting and exposure woo!)

002: They're not in digital format, they're physical. Sure, the idea of polaroids are amazing, but disposables are developed into actual pictures you can hold - with your fingers! Which means you can take one on holiday or use over the course of a few months and capture those moments with friends and family. I mean, you can take a picture of the picture with your phone, but the nice thing about them is that you don't have to email them to yourself and print them off on crappy paper.

003: Disposables are so easy to get hold of. I got mine from Urban Outfitters, but you can also grab one or a couple from photography shops, Boots and just about anywhere online. I feel like they're underappreciated and the perception is that they're for tourists, but you can go locally, buy one and make a whole project from home with one of them if you wanted to! 

004: They're easy to carry around. The most obvious but less important reason to be honest, but at least you don't have a heavy SLR in your luggage but a cute compact camera. Another reason to throw one in your travel luggage and take it with you on your holiday.

Have I convinced you to try this out?

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  1. I found an old disposable camera before I went on holiday, I have no idea whats on there and thats why I love disposable cameras haha

    Hannah at Hannah Venables / A CREATIVE LIFESTYLE BLOG

    1. Ooh when are you planning to find out haha

  2. This is definitely something I have wanted to do for a long time! My friend is about to visit me, so hopefully when I'm getting touristy in my own city I will feel inspired to pick one up!


    1. WOOO :D I'm trying to be shamefully all tumblr with mine and taking pics of my friends holding Starbucks and my cacti

  3. I love film photography & think it looks so special - I've had a disposable camera since new years eve and have five photos left on it, I'm very excited to get the film developed!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. The only bad thing is I can't remember how much it costs but it's so fun to only photograph special moments because the film feels really precious... Though I did waste the first shot as I was trying to figure out how to use it, as I haven't touched one in years oops :P


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