Sunday Snuggle Down #19


-- The day for baths and reading --

Another week has gone by which was filled with flowers, baths and all the usual goodness. I'm also not ashamed to admit that I was one of those people that downloaded Pokemon Go as soon as it came out on Thursday. I'm already on Level 7 oohhh. But, I'm sure you've heard enough about that, so get your usual cuppa, cosy blanket and settle in to read what I've been loving this week - and you'll certainly love too!

  • Struggling to plan out an Instagram theme after VSCO's recent update?? Fear not, Carrie has the best apps for you to let out a sigh of relief at.
  • The sun has finally come out (along with the heat) in London this week. So if you're now on summer holidays, it's time to get baking by trying this refreshing Key Lime Cheesecake!
  • Planning a drugstore beauty trip soon? Then this post will give you some ideas on what products to get. ie. You should really be trying to buy all of them...
  • If you're an introvert like me, you might enjoy reading this post about being an introvert and having alone time in the not so peaceful New York City.
  • It's finally summer, so if you're looking out for the perfect shower products to help you get started on adventurous days, then Lily has the perfect recommendations.
  • The best tips I've seen in ages. This one's about how to correct and brighten your under eyes - which has been a godsend for me hooray!
  • BONUS: How could I not include a Pokemon Go post. Sorry not sorry - even though I said I wasn't going to mention it again. But if you're one of the few like me that's obsessed, you'll love Dee's tips on the best ways to use the game. Let's go exploring!
How was your week my lovely readers??

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  1. Anonymous17/7/16

    Great post! I woke up at 9am today to go for a 2hour walk so I could catch em all! (Although my phone died an hour in haha) x

    1. Awww no :( I did an hour walk before work today actually haha

  2. I was so gutted when the VSCO update happened - thank you for recommending that post, very helpful!

    Lucy | Forever September


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