Sunday Snuggle Down #24


-- Sunshine and sipping Starbucks --

Aloha! I hope you're all having an amazing Bank Holiday weekend wherever you are! I kicked mine off by taking my mum shopping and I spoilt her and my dad by buying them anniversary presents... We also had Starbucks as well and it was amazing - you can never beat an iced caramel macciatto to be honest. And today we're off to a pizza restaurant as a family woo hoo. Down to business though, I've got some lovely picks for you guys. I've been holiday so I've had more time to read blog posts yaay. So I hope you enjoy what I've shared and have a relaxing Sunday. xx

  • Birthday cake is the best thing ever. And when you mix it with croissants you've created the ultimate breakfast! You can make these delicious looking birthday cake croissants over on Lauren Conrad's website. I'll be sure giving these a go soon...
  • If you love interiors, gold lettering and framed quotes, you'll love Tanya Burr's new venture! It looks so so pretty and I do want to buy one but I would have no where to hang it... But you guys can check them out on her blog - they're super preeeettyyyyy.
  • Do you love going to spa's or like the idea of going to one? If so, you'll love Ami Rose's post on her spa experience. It all looks like goals with amazing looking food and being able to relax.
  • Love your blog so much it hurts? Then Mandy has some lovely tips on how to give life to your old posts. They can be from last month, or even last year. And this is the best post I've found on the subject woo hoo.
  • I hope every one of you are like me, and there's an excited 5 year old still inside all of us! I had serious childhood feels when I read Charlotte's post on going to Disneyland Paris. It all looks so magical and beautiful oh how I wish I was there...
  • This week's 'Sister Style' post from the lovely A Beautiful Mess sisters features a top that sums up me and hopefully all of you... I kind of want it in my life right now haha. Clue: it's all about plants!
How was your week my lovely readers?

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  1. The Tanya Burr prints look so lovely but I am rather similar to you and have nowhere to hang them, I hope you had a lovely pizza with your family :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. The pizza was amazing and one of the best I ever had! And that's saying something haha

  2. Tanya Burr's new prints look gorgeous! I just can't justify spending 15 quid on it and then buying a frame too!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I kind of wish there was a way to print them off... I think Tanya should have done a free download trial first to see how it goes down and then fully commit because I just really love the quotes haha


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