August Favourites


-- The last of the summer faves --

Woo hoo! Happy Bank Holiday guys! It's come to that time of the month again when I tell you guys what I've been loving for the month. You may recognise one product that I just realised has been in a previous favourites, but hey ho, it's what I've been using like there's no tomorrow in August. So, sit back, chill and read on...

001: Lush Vanishing Cream moisturiser:
This has been the staple facial moisturiser for the past two months and it's only recently I've been paying attention to how my skin has been doing. I've been getting the odd disgusting spot and with a spray of my tea tree and a helping of this, the spots are literally gone by the next morning. I am not even kidding. I love this so much because not only does it smell delish, but the lavender, honey and rose water work together to calm, hydrate and reduce the oiliness in my skin. I mean, my skin is considered normal but again, disgusting spots.

002: UNUM:
No, I'm not speaking gibberish, this is actually the name of an app I've been loving. An app that helps you get your Instagram theme down! Even though UNUM can only be used with Wi-Fi, it's really good at letting you see your instagram so far, and lets you add photos from the your album to work out how to complete it. You can move pictures around to see how your theme looks best and you can even then upload it to instagram through the app! Plus it's free. I would have been lost with this app this summer...

003: Zoella Sweet Inspirations body mist:
I put this in my June favourites, but I've loved it so much that I thought I would kindly remind you guys of its existence. You're welcome. This body mist has been carried in my bag every time I've been out and religiously sprayed first thing in the morning before breakfast. It smells just like macarons and is not too sickly sweet, but it's got that perfect amount of sweetness to make you feel gooood. Forever my go to yay.

004: Lush Emotional Brilliance lipstick in Decisive:
I was kindly sent this lipstick from the Lush Kitchen which is their new range of lipsticks which is only exclusive to Lush Oxford Street - this was for me to review on my Lush instagram (@lushieayy) but I thought I would mention it here anyway. It's all completely natural and for £13.50 it brings amazing quality. It sits comfortably on the lips without being drying at all! Plus this shade of red is going to be perfect for the autumn/winter!

What have you guys been loving in August?

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  1. Okay so I need UNUM in my life - since VSCO cam messed up I hate not being able to see what my theme will look like!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. UNUM sounds absolutely amazing! I have recently brought Power and fell head over heals in love with it :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal


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