16 Things That Make Me Happy


-- Rainbows, puppies and ice cream --

You probably know me by now, but I love talking about food, beauty and a bit of fashion... There now comes a time when I can literally put every topic into one post and reel of loads of things that make me happy. So happy I might even cry about it. (Sorry, not sorry) It's all cuddles and sweet things from here on out!

001: Having days out and spending time with friends.

002: Buying cute decor for my room and making it look how I want.

003: Watching tv shows like Doctor Who, Bake Off and Sherlock.

004: Listening to music from my favourite artists (There's too many to count!)

005: Christmas. The music, gingerbread lattes, buying presents and the films and decorations aahh.

006: Having a successful photography trip - or just getting great shots on my phone.

007: Being by the sea and dipping my toes into the water.

008: Food. Mainly pizza, ice cream and pasta.

009: Summer days when the air is still, there's not a cloud in the sky and you have a good book to read.

010: Dark days when there is lightning, thunder, super heavy rain and you feel all cosy indoors with blankets and fairy lights.

011: Winter days when you can layer on clothes, have hot chocolate and burn candles.

012: Watching youtube, and the best time is the evening with a bowl of chocolate treats...

013: Finding pieces of clothing you just fall in love with in the shop and have to get!

014: Having a blog and writing whatever I want on it - along with amazing readers.

015: Meeting friends like dogs and cats and being able to cuddle and pet them.

016: Baking sweet treats like cookies and cakes. Mmmm.

Tell me three things that make you guys happy!

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  1. Love these! I also love a good thunderstorm - there's just something about the drama that makes me SO happy. I also love early spring days when there is blue sky and sunshine for the first time in months!

    1. I know! I don't know why I get so excited but I just do haha


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