8 Reasons Why You Need To Be Excited For Autumn


-- Leaves and Pumpkin Spice Lattes --

It's finally September 1st and I legit could not be any happier. PSLs are back in Starbucks and the autumnal tumblr girl inside me is very very excited. I might even have grabbed one today... who knows? Well, I am back at work after my holiday so I deserve one haha. There's loads to look forward to this season and I'm going to give you a quick list on why you need to be bracing yourself for one of the best seasons of the year. Though in all honesty, every season is amazing in it's own way. But I think there's just something magical about Autumn... Here's the best reasons...

001: The leaves are changing colour now, purples, browns and reds make the city and wherever you live look beautiful. Perfect for Instagram, scrapbooks and general happiness in life.

002: You can rock your thin sweaters (finally!!) and scarves! Though it may not be fully cold to go all out on the cosy scale, there's no excuse not to wear autumnal colours in your wardrobe or even put on a thin coat!

003: Pumpkin Spice Lattes and hot chocolate season is back. Get your marshmallows and cream ready because it's about to get spicy... If you don't like the idea of snuggling with a hot cuppa of your favourite beverage, what are you?? *becomes suspicious you're an alien*

004: Autumnal decor is the best with loads of warm colours and you can finally bring out your candles. I know you've been secretly longing for your cosy throw to be on your bed again...

005: You can make this season an excuse to go shopping in the drugstore and fashion stores. I mean, you've got to stock up on products to ready you for the month right? Of course you need that new Autumn palette because it's a different hue of the shades you already have. You have to stay on trend!

006: The days are starting to get shorter so that means more chances to feel warm and snuggly at home which is just the best. Don't feel sad, Netflix is there to bring warmth. Also if you have a fire in your living room, that's a bonus!

007: The Lush Halloween and Christmas collections will be out! Time to stock up on the magical bath and body products full of sweetness and spice... Who doesn't love Lord of Misrule and the pumpkin bubble bar?? Rumour has it that this year is extra special...

008: October is nearly here... That means Halloween and all things spooky! It's the time of year to binge watch horror movies and go partying with friends. Apologies to those who hate horror and the paranormal...

What are you guys most excited for about Autumn?

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  1. Eee this has made me feel so excited!! I love Autumn and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes! x


  2. I love summer but this year was too much for me! I cannot wait for cooler nights relaxing with a hot chocolate and watching my favourite movies! Great post!


  3. I love Autumn, easily my favourite season! And starbucks announced the release of pumpkin spice lattes this morning, eek! X


    1. I know! I had my first one this morning hehehe

  4. Anonymous1/9/16

    I am so excited for Autumn. There's nothing nicer than cosying down with a hot chocolate! x


    1. Exactly! Aside from Summer, Autumn is just the best and I only like Winter because of Christmas otherwise it's boring...

  5. Okay, this has made me excited for Autumn haha - my birthday's this month as well, which makes September extra exciting!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Omg is that why your blog name is Forever September?! I'm so late I'm sorry :P Do remind me because then I can wish you happy birthday!!

  6. I definitely agree with 004 and 005. Though the last one doesn't exactly apply to me as I do not celebrate Halloween. But October to me means many birthdays are coming up, the weather grow colder and my blog posts turn very autumn-y!

    #sweetreats xx www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. I don't go all out for the day, but I do love a good horror movie and spooky bath to celebrate :P


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx