The Alibi Book Club #16


-- Another novel set in New York --

I don't know if there's a trend happening but it feels like a lot of books I'm seeing now are set in the Big Apple. Last month I picked up City on Fire because I'm actually into the whole idea of characters trying to survive and find themselves in New York through temptation, creativity and us seeing their past. This one follows a group of people who are all linked together in some way, even though some don't know each other...

"Midnight, New Year's Eve, 1976. Nine lives are about to be changed forever. Regan and William Hamilton-Sweeney, heirs to one of New York's greatest fortunes; Keith and Mercer, the men who, for better or worse, love them; Charlie and Samantha, two suburban teenagers seduced by the punk scene; an obsessive magazine reporter and his idealistic neighbour - and the detective trying to figure out what any of them have to do with a shooting in Central Park on New Year's Eve. Then, on July 13th, 1977, the lights go out."

I'm still halfway and I feel like it's one that's quite hard going. Hallburg includes ALOT of long winded words and unnecessary long descriptions. (I mean, it's really tiring) But once you're past that, the basis of the story line is actually quite enjoyable to read. At 1000 pages, it's one you're going to have to be patient with, but if you're interested in the punk scene, anarchy and trying to belong then this one's for you! Obviously, I'm not going to give the whole plot away, you're just going have to pick it up for yourself.

What book are you reading right now?

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