3 Easy Ways To Relax


-- It's time to chiiilllll --

It's coming up to the much anticipated weekend and if all you can think about is getting work out of the way and sitting down (or sinking deep into the sofa) and just zone out without a care in the world. Then same. I'm so desperate to relax after working so many days straight - and not being able to update my blog as much as I would like - that I thought I would write a post to get me in the mood to relax and then actually relax. And I hope my top three ways to do this much celebrated activity will give you inspiration and calm as well. Cheers to a great weekend!

001: Buy your favourite magazines, a bar of choc and have a cuppa:
This is the ultimate way to relax because you can get lost in a great read that doesn't use too much concentration when you want to get away from everything. Good recommendations include: frankie, oh comely, bedboat and the simple things. And you can have a treat and a classic British tea or coffee. Or you could buy a book *whispers - maybe the Harry Potter script* and get stuck in.

002: Have the ultimate bath:
There's nothing like a good ol' bath to make you feel all zen. Choose the perfect Lush product (or any other brand) but as a biased person, Lush is the best for it because you get natural ingredients, amazing colours and beautiful smells. Play some spa music, slap on a face mask and add in a luxurious body lotion and that's it! You'll be feeling like you're on soft cloud in no time!

003: Create the ultimate evening to make your friends jealous of:
Whether it's solo or you actually want to invite friends, a good way to relax is with tv shows or movies. Order a takeaway from your favourite restaurant, get some sweet treats, throw on the comfiest clothes ever and binge watch anything. Bonus relaxing points if you can have a few blankets thrown about and fluffy socks on.

How do you guys like to relax?

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  1. My fave thing to do is sit down with my favourite magazine (I love oh comely), and some chocolate!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. The best option is Cadbury tbh :P

  2. Soaking in the tub, reading a magazine and relaxing are my ultimate wind-down methods!



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