My Makeup Story


-- Ladies and Gentlemen, my makeup story! --

I've been blogging for two years and I don't think I've ever sat down and typed out my full makeup journey for you guys. Sure, I've mentioned how I got into makeup in a couple of posts... but I want to lay down the full story in this post. I read Lucy's post where she gave the lowdown on her journey, and I'll be following the same questions, so here goes!

001: How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
This is probably the most boring but honest answer. My mum banned me from wearing makeup in my early teens. (and good riddance or otherwise I'd have looked like a clown) But on my 16th birthday, my parents - or rather my mum - gave me my first makeup set complete with mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick and blush. It was all from Boot's natural collection, because you gotta start somewhere and not dive into full blown pigmented makeup. It served me well for the first year, but in February, when I started my blog I thought it was time to invest in more makeup and the rest is history. That was the year when my eyebrows were horrendous and I looked like I could have passed as an au natural emo.

002: How did you get into makeup?
Ok, in my first year of makeup, I didn't really care about the pigmentation and wasn't even aware that highlighting and contouring existed. It was only when I discovered bloggers and youtubers like Zoe Sugg and Tanya Burr that I cared what I looked like. Finding more bloggers from there opened my eyes to the possibilities and what I could do to my face. My first ever lipstick purchase was in 2014 with Rimmel Kate Moss' lipstick in 110. You can read that post here. And then I discovered the Sleek and Soap and Glory brand. And my life was changed.

003: What are some of your favourite brands?
If we're looking at higher end ones, it would certainly be the likes of Benefit and MAC. I love the Benefit Roller Lash and their POREFessional primer. And MAC lipsticks kill the game. Drugstore wise, good old Rimmel is a fave as it was the first brand I bought from and then Soap and Glory - they do the best blushers, highlighters and eyebrow kits. And now it's definitely NYX Cosmetics.

004: What does makeup mean to you?
I figured that if I wasn't allowed to dye my hair crazy colours, I could express myself with the best bright lipsticks and eyeshadow out there. It helps me feel more confident in myself because my natural dark under eyes bring me down and now I've mastered highlighting and contouring, I feel ready to take on the world! (Bit dramatic but there you go!) Also, the fact that I can rave about the products on here with you guys is a major bonus.

005: What do you think of drugstore vs high end makeup?
I think you get what you pay for when you decide to spend a little bit more on a product from a more expensive brand, but you can also find amazing dupes in Boots and Superdrug. I feel cheaper brands are bringing their quality up more to try and compete with the likes of Too Faced - eg. Makeup Revolution with their chocolate palettes. So, if you can find some amazing alternatives then drugstore is the best!

006: What is the one makeup trend that you never understood?
When ELLE and all those magazines raved on that lip gloss/lip balm is the next thing to put on your eyes... Like what?

I tag everyone to give this a go! I would love to hear your story guys!

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  1. I'm very tempted to do this! It's been so long since I've done a TAG post. I was almost the exact same with makeup. My parents bought me a big set of makeup and from there I just went up and up. Although now, I think I've found my makeup style with simplicity. I don't like to wear too much makeup like I used to. Great post!

    1. Thank you, and I don't think you need too much makeup to feel fab, just with the few products you love and use :) x


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