September Favourites


-- Hello comforting and helpful faves --

We're just about to hit October, and if that isn't the craziest thing ever then I don't know what is... I'm full on ready to throw on my knits and welcome the chilly weather. But I think you already know that because of the amount of times I've repeated myself about Autumn on here in the past few days haha. This month's favourites is really quite small - only three products and a book. Though I haven't really bought any new products to use this month apart from Lush and there's just been too many book, Zara and work purchases... Let's get into what I do have to show you guys though!

001: Dracula // Bram Stoker:
As soon as September came, I whipped out a good ol' classic that's also been a long term favourite of mine: Dracula. I LOVE the story and considering how long ago it was published, it's still easy to read and it will live on for decades and centuries to come. Let's be honest. Unless some dystopian future happens that burns all the copies. My favourite character has to be Mina because she's a clever badass woman and puts the men in the book to shame!

002: Soap & Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel:
After finishing off my Sugar Crush, I thought I needed a good comforting shower product that wasn't Lush to be added to my shelf. So in came Clean On Me which is another popular scent. I can't stop using it and I've found myself reaching for it almost every morning. It's hard describe, but its got that lovely comforting soapy sweet scent that I love in a drugstore shower product. I probably did it no justice whatsoever. Unless, I just say it's a S&G scent - is that better?

003: Seventeen WOW! Concealer in Fair:
At the beginning of the month, or there abouts, I wrote a review on this concealer. It has super pretty packaging and even though it has a brush the clicker can help control how much concealer you bring up, so there's no wasting. I love Seventeen as a brand and this product is quite thick, easy to blend and apply and if I put enough on, it can last all day yay. If you're looking for something different, then do try this!

004: Bourjois Hand and Toe Nail Paint Remover:
I just made up the name of the product, but I do know it's from Bourjois. This little product is amazing and super handy - geddit? - for quickly taking off nail paint without the fuss of cotton pads. I've raved on about the original before, but this is on another level... The lid has a tiny sponge for your toes! Perfect for getting off the remnants of your summer toe nail paints! This is really worth the money.

What have you guys been obsessed with in September?

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  1. soap & glory does the best shower gels ever. their packaging is just the cutest.

    1. Omg their packaging gives me life

  2. Clean on me is my favorite S&G product by far, it smells divine! x
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. I've used it every day so far and I'm not sick of it yet haha


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