WOW! A New Concealer To Impress...


-- Help get rid of those spots and dark eyes --

You guys should know I LOVE a good concealer. It would be my top desert island pick as I loathe my dark under eyes and miscroscopic red spots. When I got a notification on my Boots Advantage Card app saying that Seventeen have released a new concealer I added it straight to my essentials for the month list! (I sound like I've been sponsored to say this but I really haven't!) The Seventeen Stay Time concealer has been my go to for the past year and it's been perfect for me, so I wanted to give the Seventeen Skin WOW! concealer a go.

I bought both the Fair and Medium as I wasn't sure what shade would suit me best, though both are orange tinted to counteract the darkness and brighten the skin where spots are. Having been used to the 'doe foot' style with the other, I was pretty confused when I pulled the lid to see a clean white brush. Then I realised the black bit at the bottom was a clicker, which you repeatedly press until the concealer travels up and soaks the brush so you can apply. Pretty cool eh?

The product itself is nice and thick and coats my under eyes and spots really well. I needn't have been worried whether I made the right choice on buying it or not. I definitely think the fair is better for brightening my eyes and the medium for the spots so I'm kind of glad I got both - though both work pretty well for both uses. But can we also talk about the packaging. I'm going to try and take as many photos with them in for my blog as I can - I just love gold haha.

Would you guys try this concealer?

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  1. Yes to the beautiful packaging!! Seems like such a gorgeous concealer!

    Parie x

    1. It's so beautiful! You need to try it!

  2. Concealer is definitely my favourite makeup product as well - I must try this out!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Yay! I definitely think it's up there with Collection!


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