How To Get A Cinema In Your Room


-- Get your snacks and movie ready! --

Who doesn't love the idea of a home cinema? Cosying up on a bean bag snuggled under a throw/blanket with a favourite choice of snack... Popcorn, ice cream or even a share bag of Maltesers all to yourself? And not forgetting the actual choice of viewing on your blinds or wall. Your dreams are about to come true! I've been DYING to either build or buy my own Smartphone Projector. (I can't count how many times I've just searched up about them on Pinterest!) I found out that Oliver Bonas and Urban Outfitters was selling one that was ready built and could even support an iPhone 6 Plus. I was so so happy and took a trip straight down to UO after work...

I picked up this one from a brand called Luckies and it was £25. I know it sounds a bit much but it comes with the lens, the box ready made and a sticky pad to put your phone on. It was so easy to build and the actual box is made from a really thick and nice feeling cardboard. I love the old style print on it as it feels oh so professional and very cinema like. It has a flap at the back to put your phone on and a back bit which you can slide up and down to make the picture bigger/smaller and more focused.

This little guy obviously only works well in complete darkness and not a smidgen of light should get into your room. So really, it's perfect for A/W as it's getting dark earlier and we're all in the mood for feeling cosy. The focus is amazing although still a little dull (you're advised to turn the brightness and volume right up for the ultimate experience) but in all I love sitting there after work and unwinding with a bit of YouTube or Netflix projected onto my wall. Be advised that a white background is the best and if you don't have a white wall, a massive white card from a craftshop would be perfect.

At first I was dubious of the whole product as I saw some bad reviews, but after a few uses, I'm in love with it. And even though the picture isn't clear with colour, it focuses well and I have no problems with using it. Do trust my word as my camera was stubborn in not focusing on the picture in the dark.... But I'd definitely think you guys should get one for the upcoming season. You won't regret wanting to watch Stranger Things or Pretty Little Liars on it!

Have you guys built or bought a smartphone projector?

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  1. This sounds so cool, I've never come across a smartphone projector - what a fab idea!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. It is! And it's so easy to use! I watched a couple of shows on Netflix tonight and it was so nice and it helps you really relax! (Especially after a lush bath haha)

  2. Anonymous13/9/16

    This is great. I would love to have my own cinema at home. Thanks for sharing



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