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-- Oooh it's all been a bit busy round here --

I've decided to shake up today's post by giving you an update on what I've been doing while not blogging. I suppose you've might have noticed my slight absence, as working continuous days straight does not give me the freedom to sit down and type out posts and ideas. But in between all that, I've been a veerryyy busy bee doing all sorts and it was only right that I would list them here. Enjoy! Also just appreciate how good my sushi and dumplings were from Itsu... O M G!

001: Watching: Bad Education! Netflix have put all three seasons of the hilarious BBC3 comedy on their streaming site starring Jack Whitehall. It's the best thing I've seen since watching The IT Crowd. If you don't know what it is, or have never been interested, I advise you to check it out. Asap. You will certainly be in stitches... (Also I've been obsessed with Bake Off - let's not forget about that!!)

002: Reading: Purity! Having just finished Ali Smith's How To Be Both, Jonathan Franzen's Purity was next on my list. I'm only 150 pages in but so far it's really good and you're being introduced to loads of characters - much like in City Of Fire. Though more focus needs to be on Purity... But a big book like this is perfect for cosying up under a blanket with the fire on - or a few candles.

003: Smelling: Lush Halloween! After getting over a disgusting cold, I've been able to appreciate this year's collection. I think it's the best so far and I used the Autumn Leaf bath bomb last night... Oh it was so so autumnal and heavenly. Expect an instagram of it on my account soon...

004: Eating: Dumplings! As shown above, I'm going through a phase of just eating dumplings. I LOVE the little veggie filled parcels of goodness. And a bit of sushi doesn't hurt to go with them too. Ever since getting bento with friends a couple of months ago, I've just been craving them. Itsu are a good choice if you want to try some. Nom nom nom.

005: Listening: The Saturdays! Or more precisely their Headlines album. I used to be hardcore obsessed with these girls, especially in 2010/11, and I think this is the best record they've ever released. I have all the cd's but I've been reaching for this one more. (and I've synced it to my iPhone as well!) You could say this is a phase... because I'll probably start obsessively listening to the likes of Pixie Lott and Jessie J soon.

What have you guys been loving recently?

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  1. Lovely post Fran - I absolutely love Bad Education & didn't know it was on Netflix, going to have to go and have a watch!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I'm very tempted to finish off season three tonight with a binge watch hehe

  2. Nice to see that you've had some downtime for yourself, we could all do with a day off! I LOVEEEEE BAD EDUCATION haha it's hilarious! Glad to see someone else likes the show x
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. Haha I think it's one of the best comedies and thank you xx


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