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-- Take a leaf out of Estee's book --

I have serious admiration and love for Estee Lalonde - or previously known as Essie Button. She's chic, stylish, modern and has a whole family of plants in her flat with her boyfriend and cute doggie Reggie - awwww. She's basically my idol aside from Zoe Sugg. As soon as she announced she was releasing a book, I whooped and as soon as it came out, I was straight down to Waterstones to get it.

Ok, you might be thinking... sure Estee's cool, but every other beauty/lifestyle guru has written one of these books. But here's where her book is set apart from everyone else's... You literally feel like you're listening to her talk to you as a friend. I could say that about a lot of youtuber books, but with this one, it's like her personality literally comes through. She talks about personal experiences, how she overcame them and it's not like a cry for sympathy fest, because through all this, she tells us how she became stronger from them. And that's something to admire, and I personally want to become stronger and more confident in myself.

Estee's topics have coloured pages which I think is one of the best parts along with beautiful photos that make me want to pin them onto Pinterest. But I can't do that - because it's in a book haha. There's life, people, work, beauty, fashion, home, travel, food. (I'm trying to remember off the top of my head, so I hope that's all of them!) Each is written with self assurance and it's really all about embracing everything in life and going for it. And don't just think beauty and fashion are full of brands and tips, it's about feeling happy within your skin.

I could praise this book forever, but I'm going to stop now - you guys just need to pick it up and read it. Aside from Zoe and Tanya's books, this is probably one of my favourite youtuber books ever. Ditto.

Have you read Estee's book yet?

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  1. Oh very interesting book darling
    Thanks for share with us


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