8 Ways To Be More Creative


-- Get your creative juices flowing yaaay --

I know, it absolutely sucks when you hit the wall of creative block. It feels slightly different from blogger's block because you're in the mood on what to write and take photos but you have no ideas on how to go about it. Or rather you have ideas, but you want to get better and improve what you already have. I feel ya. So, I've decided to list a few way in how to be more creative which will help you get some inspiration - or maybe you just want to do another activity aside from blogging!

001: Read a creative magazine: I find reading a magazine like frankie gives me so much inspiration from the topics they talk about and some of the crafts and recipes in these are not only enriching, but also calming. (Especially if you're getting stressed about not having ideas)

002: Colour in a mindfulness colouring book: It can be anything from animals and plants to your favourite tv show. I have a Sherlock one that I love to dip in and out of sometimes when I want to do something that's not blogging or photography. And whatever you've done is pretty to look at after!

003: Find new blogs to follow: Though this is not technically being creative, I manage to be inspired by just finding new blogs that are pretty and have interesting topics. Obviously don't outright copy them, but it's good to look into something you've never written about.

004: Sketch your favourite people or things: This is probably my favourite creative outlet (count how my times I say creative in this post and get free pizza) because you're not staring at a screen and you're actually doing something from your mind and imagination. I particularly love drawing people like Marina Diamandis - who is my queen.

005: Bake!: Sure there's a crazy about baking because of GBBO, buuuuuuut actually taking the time to make something (and then eating it) is the second best hobby to blogging. Sorry blog. I love going crazy and making pies and cakes, but the odd classic cookie recipe doesn't go a miss.

006: Do some knitting/crochet: Ok, I've only done this like twice in my life, but knitting anything is relaxing and calming (just like colouring and baking). Plus you can make anything you want - a scarf, a jumper or a crochet toy for a family member.

007: Go on a local photography adventure: Get away from the flatlays and go outside to be more creative with your shots. You never know, you might stumble upon some gems and want to use the images for future blog posts - ie. autumn leaves and landscapes.

008: Play with a makeup look: If you live and breathe beauty, why not try a look you've never thought of or had time to practice. Pinterest is an amazing platform to get ideas and to let your imagination go bonkers. Plus Halloween is nearly here...

What do you guys do to be creative?

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  1. i love baking so much. it chills me out and i do get really creative when i do it.


    1. YAAY! I can't wait to do some Halloween cupcakes myself soon :)

  2. I really enjoy reading new blogs or watching new YouTubers to get more creative! It helps and makes me want to do even better with my content. I also like reading motivational posts, it gives you that extra boost you need when you're not feeling at your best :D

    Julia x
    Last post: A Vampire Halloween Look | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2016/10/halloween-2016-vampire-makeup-tutorial.html

    1. Exactly! That's what I love about finding new blogs to read!

  3. I love Frankie and Oh Comely magazine for inspiration - lovely post Fran!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. They're the only two magazines I read now so I can't stop praising them haha. And thank youuu xx


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