Sunday Snuggle Down #30


-- Pumpkins and spooky surprises --

It's the weekend of Halloween and I'm still deciding what to do for my makeup haha. As it's Sunday, I'm going to hold off my Lush Christmas spending spree and try to do some spooky baking for my work friends tomorrow - we'll see how that goes... You may or may not see a baking post tomorrow... The past few days included a sad goodbye to the PSL and preparing for the excitement of certain festivities - as well as reading some blog posts which this week has been one of my favourites! So, sit back, relax before you get into Halloween and enjoy my picks!

  • Could this dark circle corrector from Benefit be the answer to all our under eye problems? Emmy gives a lovely review on the product and I think I might indeed buy it...
  • I know I'm a HUGE Lush obsessive and I know almost everything there is to know about the products, but reading a Lush haul post has to be one of my favourite things. Samantha does a lust worthy little haul here and I'm very jealous of her choices!
  • Love looking at pictures of Autumn leaves with their orange/red shades? (Because same) And I can't stop looking at Lucy's stunning photography post. Because Pinterest isn't enough for me.
  • I'm dying to dye my hair copper - because I just love everything metallic in my life, and if you are too then Amy tells all on how you can do it. As well as maintain your perfectly dyed mane.
  • Snuggling up with a good book by the fire is the ultimate cosy activity for Winter. Katy has 8 amazing books for you to choose from for your relaxing afternoons. Or buy them all because it's so hard to choose haha.
  • Nail art time! And my dream nails! The ABM ladies have an amazing galaxy nails diy for you all and I'm dying to try it out for myself ahh.
How was your week my lovely readers?

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  1. I'm so glad you liked the photos Fran, I'm obsessed with the autumn colours too!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Nice post, it's nice to share blog posts you've enjoyed reading! I'm currently trying to resist buying Lush things but I know some of the seasonal bits aren't going to be around forever. Danielle ||


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