Christmas Bucket List 2016


All I want for Christmas is...

It's that time of year again where I share my wishings for the season with you all. It's become quite a tradition so why would I want to break it? Full of delightful small and big things to aim for, I really want to be able to get into the festive spirit and legit milk it like a mad woman. I hope you guys leave this post full of inspiration for yourself - if you're as excited and crazy about Christmas as me haha. So, without further ado, here's this years bucket list...

  • Visit all the Christmassy parts of London
  • Go to Winter Wonderland with my friends and work colleauges
  • Read all my Christmas novels - and buy new ones
  • Burn my Christmas yankee candles (Christmas Eve and Cinnamon Stick)
  • Finally buy my own little tree for my room
  • Milk it by living in my flannel pjs throughout the month
  • Actually buy every product from the Lush range - including Candy Mountain hehe
  • Attempt to do some nail art like reindeers or a santa hat
  • Watch all my festive movies at least 4 times each
  • Get my December instagram theme to perfection - prepare for candy canes and baubles galore
  • Buy a Christmas jumper for this year from Primark and wear it out (and on Christmas Day!)

What are you guys aiming to do this year?


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  1. I love this post, it's made me feel so festive! I really hope I can visit Winter Wonderland this year, I've wanted to go for so long now x

    Always, Alice

    1. Aww, you really need to visit as soon as it opens! :D And thank you so much xx

  2. Some of these are also in my Christmas wishlist! Like getting a little tree for my room, and trying out cute nail art :D The only thing I wouldn't do is going to Winter Wonderland. It's mad there haha, so crowded! Which is a shame because it's really cool and festive!

    Julia x
    Last post: My Autumn Makeup Look |

    1. I'm getting my tree (hopefully!) tomorrow! And the best time to go to Winter Wonderland is just as it opens, because then it won't be crowded. Ok, you won't properly see the lights, but it's a perfect time to fully explore... xx

  3. I definitely want to burn more candles this year, it just makes your bedroom so cosy and festive! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. It really does and I bought some Christmas Yankee candles this week that I can't wait to burn!

  4. Your blog header is so so cute - did you do this yourself?! I feel so Christmassy this year!! Lauren |

    1. thank you, and I did! I just got some transparents and put them together in photoshop :)


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx