My Favourites Of 2016


All the best products and bits of the year

How has 2016 nearly passed us?! It actually feels like only yesterday I was stuffing myself with cheesy tomatoey pizza while welcoming in the year... And I get to do it again this year! I won't rant on too much as I want to do another post about how 2016 went for me, but I have to say this year has really enabled me to nail down my aesthetic. *swishes hair and strikes a pose* And leading on from that, my friends, here are all (if not most) of the year's favourites. So, grab yourself a cuppa (or some leftovers from Christmas) and settle down to read what I've been loving...

001: NYX Cosmetics (specifically the Liquid Suede lipsticks!):
This year was the year we all discovered NYX Cosmetics, and I fell head over heels in love with their Liquid Suede lipsticks! They're soo pigmented and don't dry your lips out at all. I have currently worn 'Stone Fox' a beautiful blue/black toned grey, and 'Sway' the most amazing purple ever. I've been able to get out of my comfort zone with these and I'm looking forward to getting an actual black and blue from the brand in the New Year eeeek.

002: Soap & Glory Wonderbronze:
I never really got bronzers, until summer of this year, when I actually bought a bronzing brush to apply it with. And then the whole way through the season, I wore it religiously EVERY SINGLE DAY. Soap & Glory are killing it with this because it's so shimmery and not too pigmented, and I can't wait for Summer 2017 to give it another whirl!

003: Brighton:
As usual, I mention Brighton. Again. Since day one of starting this blog, I have raved on about the place like there's no tomorrow. And I shall stop you there, I don't love it because of it being famous for bloggers, but I've been going there almost every year since I can remember. *Inserts cute pic of me as a toothy 3 year old on the beach* And this year, was one of my fave trips. Me and my friend had ice cream, chips and went to the photo booth in Snooper's Paradise. Ahh it was perfect! (Sorry not sorry friend for showing the photos...)

004: The 1975 // I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful (etc.) :
My four favourite boys released their second album at the beginning of the year - with the longest title evveeerrr - and I wrote a review about it here. Little did I know when I wrote about how obsessed I was with their music, and I would never see them live, that at the end of the year I would actually see them at the freaking O2 arena!!! I'm still crying inside about it, and I just love them so so much.

005: Essie Nail paints:
I'm usually a Barry M kinda gal, but Essie have really impressed me this year, and I have three shades from the brand at the moment. They apply with a lovely finish and dry quickly. I can't wait to buy more colours in the future, and my favourite at the moment is 'Bikini So Teeny' which is a pretty summery pastel purple.

006: Sleek Solstice highlighting palette:
Everyone and their dog has raved about this palette. It's sooo affordable and mind blowingly pigmented. I have worn this every single day since I bought it and my Benefit one has been put at the bottom of the drawer - sorry. No wonder it's so popular, I just hope I can buy another one when it runs out...

007: Topshop vintage ring:
I'm not a jewelry person at all. But I really want to be. So, with a bit of Pinterest research and browsing in stores, I've come to the conclusion I'm into dainty pieces. So, when I saw this ring that was small, cute and had colourful stones that reminded me of Marina Diamandis' album FROOT, I had to have it. And I've worn it as much as I can, it's so pretty and I think I should start building a collection hehe.

008: Seventeen WOW! Concealer:
Concealer is a big part of my makeup routine. I need a good one to cover my designer eye bags, and this one has been one of my favourites. This is a lovely thick, creamy concealer which covers my under eyes so well! If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the likes of Urban Decay, then definitely go for this. Though it does sometimes crease a little, but it's not much of a problem.

009: Instagram:
Last but not least, Instagram. The photo sharing app that lets you share your creative photography with the world. 2016 has let me nail down my themes with filters and appropriate seasonal photos! A goal for next year though, is to stick with one filter but change the style of my photos to match the seasons. Hint hint: follow me @ franalibi.

What have you guys loved in 2016?


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  1. To be honest, in 2016 i totally fell in love with your IG account! :D Your photos are just.. sooo wonderful! ♥ And from the cosmetics.. maybe Juicy Couture Gold Couture perfume. It is the best perfume I´ve ever had.

    Monica from

    1. Ahhh thank you! You just made my day haha x

  2. NYX has also been a revelation for me this year - it's the first time I really paid attention to the brand and realised it's just great! Brighton has been one of my favourites for ages too - I need to go again next year when the sun warms it up a little haha!

    Julia x
    Last post: Festive Nails |

    1. I'm glad we loved the same things this year! I'm planning a splurge in NYX either today or tomorrow! x

  3. Such good picks, the 1975 album was literally my favourite thing of 2016!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Thank you! Apart from Marina and the Diamonds and Grimes, that album was basically the only thing I listened to in 2016 lmao


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx