6 Things That Made My 2016


Au revoir 2016 *sobs into pillow*

Just like everyone in the bloggersphere, I will also say: how has the year gone by so so quickly?! Now that cliche phrase is out of the way, I can now relax haha. This year was just as crazy as the last, and there were so many amazing things that happened to me! *does a little jiggle dance* I thought I would write them all down here, so I can look back on it and remember the good times. Let's hope 2017 will bring more memories and events that are just as memorable as these - and that I eventually get over the shock that I'm turning 20...

001: After the initial sadness of not being able to stay at Lush, at the start of the year I went on to work at Cath Kidston. So far, the experience has been lovely, my colleagues are so kind and lovely and I just want to buy every product in the shop. I just feel super lucky to actually have a job and earn money at the same time!

002: My blog towards the end of the year has really taken off, I'm getting more blog views, followers and I think my overall theme and writing style is way better than last year. I feel so proud of how far I've come in the past two years with my hobby and I can't believe I'm nearing 100,000 views on my blog ahh. And on to the other side of my hobby. My YouTube channel! I can really see the difference in how I act in my videos now. They're edited better, I'm acting more natural and relaxed and 2016 was the year when I just LOVED it! So, here's to the next year of videos woo hoo!

003: I might not have got a job back at Lush, but my dedication to the brand and their products have really hit off this year. I made an instagram in January which is now nearly 4,000 followers. And I love taking photos and reviewing them. I've also been lucky to go to the Creative Showcase, a blogger event and have been sent products to review for the account. Best second hobby ever!!

004: 2016 was the year when I just started to love myself. Mainly because I started to slay at applying makeup and getting better fashion taste. I've lost most of my 'baby fat' now and I'm just feeling really comfortable in my own skin. The next step is to not give a f*** about what other people think.

005: I had to mention it somewhere... But... I SAW THE 1975 AT THE O2 THIS YEAR!!! I feel so so grateful that I got to see my favourite band and my bae (Matty Healy) live and in the flesh! It was the best night of the year and concerts, in all honesty, make me feel alive and happy. Aw aw take me back... You can watch the concert vlog here, because who doesn't want to see Matty jumping up and down in slippers?

006: I was able to meet up with new and old friends. Especially some blogger friends, who I've followed since the beginning and have talked to for aageess. During the summer I met Victoria for the first time (she blogs over at vvnightingale) and we got cool hipster coffee, had amazing chats and explored Shoreditch. Then we met up again for a cute trip to Biscuiteers! Yay! I never thought I would meet up with such lovely humans and that I had the confidence to just say yes and do it! I can't wait to have more days out and see loads of other bloggers!

And so...

Happy New Year xx

Comment what has made your 2016?


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  1. I always love reading your lush posts and stuff Fran, its a shame you don't work there any more but maybe you'll get the chance again - pretty cool working at cath kidston though!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Haha thank youuu! I do enjoy it but my heart is set on Lush still :P


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